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Gulf Stream’s Conquest Debuts As Company’s First Transit Chassis RV

Published June 17, 2024

Gulf Stream has introduced its new Class C Conquest RV, built on a Ford Transit chassis and offering a more user-friendly, fuel-efficient, and affordable option for first-time motorhome drivers and rental fleets.

Gulf Stream Coach Inc. has revealed its new Class C Conquest, which is built on a Ford Transit chassis. This marks the first time Gulf Stream has utilized the Transit chassis for its Conquest line; aiming to offer an agile, affordable, and fully featured RV. The new Conquest is designed to be user-friendly, making it ideal for both rental fleets and first-time motorhome drivers.

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“We’ve had good success with the [Ford] E350 and E450 for our Conquest and the little BT Cruiser, too. The Conquest brand is very popular with rental fleets. It’s an economical choice and it’s road proven over the years of doing what it’s supposed to do well. It’s not intimidating to someone who’s renting and maybe hasn’t driven a motorhome before.”
—Paul Campbell, director of marketing at Gulf Stream

The Transit chassis offers a smaller footprint and lower entry height than the E350 and E450 chassis previously used in the Conquest line. This change is expected to make the vehicle less intimidating for drivers new to motorhomes. Additionally, the Transit chassis is more fuel-efficient, offering options for two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive, along with various driver assistance features.

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“It brings a little smaller footprint and a lower entry height. It’s just a little less intimidating all around. And people see it as a gas saver compared to the E350 chassis with a smaller motor, lower weight, that kind of thing. And it also is available with some of the bells and whistles that RVers are looking for, the crash avoidance and the driver assistance packages.”
—Paul Campbell, Director of Marketing at Gulf Stream

The new Conquest includes numerous features, including a tankless water heater, a lighted awning, an Onan generator, and optional solar and lithium packages. It also boasts a significant amount of storage space inside and out, and comes with two interior design options: dark fabric with light cabinets or dark cabinets with light furniture. The initial floor plan is based on the most popular design from the existing Conquest line, featuring a large shower, ample storage, and a spacious sleeping area above the cab.

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“It comes in two different interiors. This is what we call our smoke interior, which is dark fabric, light cabinets. We also offer [it] in dark cabinets, with light furniture. It really opens everything up and brightens everything.”
—Scott Parker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Gulf Stream

The MSRP for the two-wheel drive model is expected to be in the mid-$120,000s, making it a competitive option in the market. The new Conquest is projected to be a popular choice for those transitioning from towable RVs to motorized units, providing a manageable and comfortable driving experience similar to that of a minivan.

“That’s what we’re seeing. People are very apprehensive when they go to the C-Class, even on our BT Cruisers. They’re not used to driving that type of vehicle. While something like this, this is more like driving a minivan. So it makes it very user-friendly for that person who maybe hasn’t had a truck in the past.”
—Scott Parker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Gulf Stream

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The Gulf Stream Conquest Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Production of the new Conquest is already underway, with units expected to arrive at dealer lots within the next 30 days. Gulf Stream has secured the necessary chassis and is in the midst of the first production run, aiming to meet the market demand for this innovative RV.

“We’re pretty excited about it, about introducing it to the marketplace. We have a line going and they’re in production. We’re able to secure chassis and build them now. We’re right in the middle of doing our first run of the chassis.”
—Scott Parker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Gulf Stream