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2025 Winnebago Revel Is An Upgrade In All The Right Ways

Published February 5, 2024

The 2025 Winnebago Revel has advanced off-grid adventure capabilities, featuring enhanced power systems, interior upgrades, and expanded freshwater capacity for extended excursions.

At the 2024 Florida RV SuperShow, Winnebago stole the spotlight with its unveiling of the much-anticipated 2025 Winnebago Revel. Since its debut in 2017, the Winnebago Revel has been a symbol of the growing interest in adventure van life and overlanding. The 2025 model builds upon its predecessors, offering several upgrades that are aimed at enhancing off-grid capabilities and overall comfort for intrepid travelers.

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One of the most significant improvements to the 2025 Winnebago Revel is its enhanced off-grid prowess. Winnebago’s new Winnebago Max electrical system, features the Winnebago x EcoFlow Power Hub Pro controller and an 8.4-kWh Lithionics battery. 

This system, which can be further bolstered with an optional second battery, provides up to seven days of off-grid autonomy—a substantial increase from previous models. Paired with a 220-W solar setup and dual-alternator system, the Revel ensures ample power supply when camping or on the road.

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The 2025 Revel maintains its sleek Sprinter 144 platform, powered by Mercedes’ 211-hp 2.0-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine and nine-speed automatic transmission. Exterior enhancements include a new roof rack design with integrated off-road lighting, tubular-style running boards, and an optional Raptor protective coating, accentuating its rugged appeal.

Inside, the Revel receives thoughtful updates aimed at improving functionality and comfort. The interior layout now features individual rear seats with three-point belts and a wall-mounted rectangular table, replacing the previous love seat and pedestal dining table configuration. The kitchen retains its convenience with a combination of a stowable induction cooker, sink, and under-counter fridge, while the wet bathroom receives a dual-hinged split door design for added privacy and functionality.

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The sleeping quarters have not been overlooked either. The Revel now boasts the WinnSleep bed system, offering improved comfort and air circulation with its two-layer high-density foam mattress and suspension. The lower garage space is equipped with six L-track bases for versatile tie-down options, accommodating various sports gear, luggage, and cargo.

In response to the needs of off-grid enthusiasts, Winnebago increases the freshwater capacity of the Revel from 79.5 to 132.5 liters, ensuring ample supply for extended adventures. A new hydronic heating system, with its multi-zone design and an optional 13,500-BTU air conditioner, further enhances comfort and climate control within the vehicle. A thermal privacy curtain also divides the rear bed from the front living area, creating distinct temperature zones for optimized A/C usage.

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Final Thoughts On The 2025 Winnebago Revel 

Unsurprisingly, with these enhancements comes a higher price tag — the 2025 Winnebago Revel starts at US$245,463, a significant increase compared to previous models.

That being said, as Winnebago continues to push the boundaries of adventure travel with the Revel line, the 2025 model is a compelling option for those seeking unparalleled off-grid capabilities and comfort on their journeys. With its array of upgrades and enhancements, the Winnebago Revel stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of RVing.

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