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Strada-ion Exterior | Grech RV

Investigating the Grech RV Strada-ion — The Most Innovative RV Battery System Of 2023?

Updated June 9, 2023

Reliable power solutions for your RV amenities can be the deciding factor between having a relaxing time on the road or having a nightmarish vacation. Has Grech RV truly eliminated these worries with their UL Listed lithium-ion battery system?

Grech RV — Their History In The Industry

If at any point in the last 40 years, you were in the market for a luxury coach, you absolutely could not go wrong by putting your faith in Grech Motors. After starting from humble beginnings, this family-owned, independent manufacturer is now one of the premier choices in the industry if you’re interested in luxury buses.

Now, instead of resting on their laurels, CEO Ed Grech and his team have expanded their horizons and taken on a new endeavor by introducing their offshoot brand Grech RV.

Our team has come together like never before to execute one common goal, create the highest quality Class B motorhome available. My core philosophy in business has always stayed focused on delivering the highest quality products and providing unparalleled after-sale support. –Ed Grech, CEO

Strada-ion Outdoors | Grech RV
Strada-ion | Grech RV

Exploring The Grech RV Strada-ion

Grech RV’s Strada line of vehicles currently consists of two models — the namesake “Strada” and its successor the “Strada-ion”.

Both of these models are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base (specifically the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500XD), which features a six-cylinder diesel engine and an extended high-roof chassis.

As the name would suggest, the Strada-ion is the model from Grech RV that has been making waves in the RV industry for having the lithium-ion battery system that is being hailed as “the most advanced energy storage system available in the camper van world”.

Strada-ion Exterior | Grech RV
Strada-ion Exterior | Grech RV

What Is So Special About The Battery System In The Strada-ion?

The Strada-ion’s lithium-ion battery system is capable of providing up to 1,260AH (Amp Hours) or 16,128WH (Watt Hours). A more practical illustration of the capacity is that it is capable of powering the Strada-ion’s AC for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Our Lithium-ion battery system in our motorhomes replaces the Cummins Onan propane generator and provides clean and quiet lithium-ion based energy that will power your entire motorhome. This is the most advanced energy storage system available in the camper van world. –Grech RV

The system also enables two very convenient and reliable methods of recharging, so you will never find yourself not having power for the Strada-ion’s onboard utilities.

The first method of recharging a lithium-ion battery system in the Strada-ion is through the included 300 Watt Zamp Solar system. The second recharging solution makes use of an onboard 280 AMP high output auxiliary alternator and Wakespeed regulator to generate charge from the Strada-ion’s diesel engine.

Currently, the Lithionics batteries that are used in the Strada-ion are the only UL Listed and UL Tested lithium-ion batteries on the camper/RV market.

Strada-ion Interior | Grech RV
Strada-ion Interior | Grech RV

What Other Luxury Camper Amenities And Tech Has Grech RV Put Into The Strada-ion?

Some of the other notable features that allow the Strada-ion to sit comfortably in the luxury camper niche include:

  • A VB air suspension system that features an intelligent, electrically controlled auto leveling system.
  • A Timberline diesel fuel-fired heating system that is compact, efficient, quiet, and clean, while facilitating a continuous flow of hot water and heat.
  • A FireFly integrations control system and mobile app capabilities (Apple and Android).
  • A wet bath with a sink, porcelain toilet (with macerator), and window.
  • UltraLeather seating surfaces and memory foam sofa bed.
Strada-ion Floorplan | Grech RV
Strada-ion Floorplan | Grech RV

All of these features and more make the Strada-ion one of the contemporary kings of luxury campers and also one of the go-to choices for prospective RV buyers or RV renters that want to live in comfort while they’re on the road.