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Outside Van Syncline To Be Introduced At The Florida RV SuperShow

Published January 15, 2024

Outside Van and Mercedes-Benz Vans are set to showcase the Syncline at the Florida RV SuperShow on January 17.

Outside Van, in an exciting collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Vans, is set to unveil its highly anticipated adventure-focused van, the Syncline, at the Florida RV SuperShow. The grand reveal is scheduled to take place at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa and it marks a significant milestone for Outside Van, who will be adding a vibrant new addition to its Class-B RV lineup.

“Our experience in the deep end of adventure van conversions has prepared us for the more traditional route of model production while maintaining our commitment to high-end quality.”
—Susan Clemo, CEO of Outside Van

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The Syncline, built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 All-Wheel-Drive Chassis, has been carefully crafted through years of development by Outside Van’s renowned custom van conversion division. Boasting an innovative layout and cutting-edge features, the Syncline is poised to redefine “adventure van” standards.

“The most common chassis size we build on is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170. We wanted to get the most approachable van out to our community first. As production of our first 144, Syncline ramps up; we’ve already learned a lot which will make for smoother sailing with this build.”
—Tim Wimmer, Engineering Director at Outside Van

At the heart of Syncline’s design is the FoldAway bed, a Murphy-style platform constructed with lightweight aluminum. The bed not only provides comfortable sleeping arrangements for two but also doubles as a storage platform for gear. The memory foam mattress neatly folds up with the bed, revealing the ingenious “Gear Wall.” This feature incorporates a built-in MOLLE Panel and L-Track cutouts, offering versatile storage solutions without the need to navigate cramped spaces.

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Syncline is a fully-equipped adventure van that features a robust lithium power system, hydronic heating, flush-mounted rooftop air conditioning, rooftop solar, and a built-in air compressor. The galley is equally impressive, housing a built-in microwave, refrigerator, stainless steel sink, plug-in induction cooktop, and ample storage. The Water Box hidden interior shower, along with the galley, is supplied by a 20-gallon freshwater tank, which is also connected to a 22-gallon external gray tank, creating a comprehensive and efficient system.

“We’ve never been a company to stay the same, to do only what we’re comfortable with. Our beginnings were in tackling each custom build with its unique quirks and one-of-a-kind features.”
—Susan Clemo, CEO of Outside Van

Designed with an eye toward the future, Syncline includes USB-C-based power connections and a pass-through port for easy installation of communication systems such as Starlink. The core systems are installed with modularity in mind, ensuring straightforward maintenance, service, and upgradability.

This ultimate adventure van’s full array of features will be unveiled at the Mercedes-Benz Vans booth during the Florida RV SuperShow, running from January 17 to 21. Following the showcase, Syncline is expected to hit dealership lots nationwide in early February, with a price tag of $232,000.

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About Outside Van

Established in 2007, Outside Van has been a trailblazer in the custom van conversion industry, bringing over 30 years of expertise to the world of adventure vehicles. 

The company’s official inception marked the beginning of a journey that has evolved into a thriving business, now backed by Fox Factory since its acquisition in 2021.

Dedicated to quality and customer service, Outside Van produces over 100 custom van conversions annually. Each vehicle is meticulously hand-built to meet the unique needs of its customers, embodying a commitment to craftsmanship and personalized design.

Boasting a team of over 75 individuals, Outside Van brings together some of the industry’s most creative, productive, and experienced professionals. With diverse backgrounds and skill sets, the team collaborates to design and build a majority of components in-house. This collective expertise is fundamental to the company’s success, ensuring that every Outside Van on the road is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.