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TAXA Outdoors Debuts 2024 Upgrades To Their Travel Trailer Lineup

Updated April 1, 2024

TAXA Outdoors introduces its 2024 upgrades to its lineup, showcasing innovative features and enhancements aimed at outdoor enthusiasts.

TAXA Outdoors, renowned for its lightweight and minimalist mobile habitats tailored for outdoor adventures, has unveiled the 2024 updates to its Mantis and Woolly Bear trailers, alongside the introduction of new rooftop tents. 

Inspired by the brand’s ethos of providing essentials without excess, the 2024 Evolutions of the Mantis and Woolly Bear trailers boast enhanced features such as redesigned layouts, increased off-grid power solutions, customized lighting, and optimized storage options. 

According to 2023 sales data from SSI Data, TAXA Outdoors has maintained its position as the leading overland brand, capturing 24% of the market share. This success underscores the brand’s popularity among overland enthusiasts and reinforces consumer demand for innovative outdoor products.

“Our 2024 Evolutions and the launch of TAXA rooftop tents embody our commitment to continuously improving outdoor endeavors and enhancing the experience that our habitats provide. Our goal is for folks to spend most of their time exploring nature and return to a basecamp that has been thoughtfully crafted to support their adventures. We continuously listen to our customers and evolve our habitats to meet their specific use cases.”
—Garrett Finney, Founder and Chief Design Officer of TAXA Outdoors

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What We Know So Far About TAXA Outdoors’ 2024 Mantis And Woolly Bear

The Mantis, TAXA’s flagship adventure vehicle, has been upgraded with a new tail layout, offering a third seating option and flexible back seats. 

Other enhancements include optimized under-bed storage, redesigned storage towers, thicker cushions for increased comfort, customizable Bluetooth-controlled RGB LEDs, and an upgraded kitchen design. 

The 2024 Mantis is priced starting at $45,750.

2024 Mantis Features

Improved Comfort — Double the cushion thickness, from 2″ to 3.5″.

Space Lounge Mode — Go from bed to table to lounge mode, with a new third layout that features flexible backrests.

Innovative Storage — Better optimized under-bed area with increased stowage capacity and easier access from both the rear and inside.

Smart Lighting Customization — Bluetooth-controlled RGB LEDs, for customized interior and exterior lighting via the Casambi app.

Enhanced Kitchen — Upgraded kitchen core design with better accessibility to the Truma heater, more common blade fuses, and an integrated small compartment for kitchen tools.

Effortless Versatility — Quick disconnect awning brackets for seamless transitions and ‘garageability.’

Smart Power — Victron Smart Voltmeter, with Bluetooth ability to monitor all your power use visually or via app.

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What We Know So Far About TAXA Outdoors’ 2024 Woolly Bear

The Woolly Bear, known for its practical design, receives updates such as a redesigned kitchen storage system, quick disconnect awning brackets, shore power connectivity, and Bluetooth-controlled interior RGB LEDs via the Casambi app. 

With a starting price of $13,999, the 2024 Woolly Bear continues to offer practicality and convenience for outdoor enthusiasts.

2024 Woolly Bear Features

Upgraded Amenities — Redesigned kitchen storage for more flexible containers, like Sidio Crates or short milk crates.

Durability — Anti-scratch and rust-proof HDPE base in kitchen.

Enhanced Support — Convenient sliding tray to support power station upgrades like Goal Zero.

Easy to Stow — Quick disconnect awning brackets for seamless transitions and ‘garageability.’

Powered Up  — Shore power connectivity for effortless charging.

Smart Customization — Bluetooth-controlled interior RGB LEDs, customized via the Casambi app.

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Everything You Need To Know About The MoonMoth Clamshell And MoonMoth Foldout

In addition to the trailer upgrades, TAXA Outdoors introduced its first rooftop tents: the MoonMoth Clamshell and MoonMoth Foldout. 

The MoonMoth Clamshell features a compact aluminum hard-shell design, offering sleeping space for two to three campers on a 2-inch foam mattress. Priced at $2,899, it is easy to set up and made from premium weather-resistant materials, making it compatible with the Woolly Bear series and various vehicles.

Meanwhile, the MoonMoth Foldout’s aluminum foldout tent design makes it quick to set up for two to three adults. Priced at $2,999, it offers comfort and convenience with a 2-inch foam mattress, ventilation windows, and compatibility with the Mantis, TigerMoth, and Woolly Bear series.

All these innovations from TAXA Outdoors, including the 2024 Mantis, Woolly Bear, MoonMoth Clamshell, and MoonMoth Foldout, will be available at local RV dealers in Spring 2024.