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Tufport Reveals Its First Fully Furnished Overlander Camper

Published April 8, 2024

Tufport recently unveiled its Overlander camper, designed to cater to the needs of adventurous travelers seeking rugged, off-road accommodations with customizable features for maximum versatility.

Tufport, renowned for its sturdy and reliable truck bed campers, has stepped into the overlander camper arena with its latest innovation: the Overlander. Designed for adventurous souls seeking to traverse rugged terrains, the Overlander stands out as a robust, off-road-ready haven.

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According to a press release from Tufport, here are some of the key features and benefits of the Overlander:

  • Lightweight, you don’t need a heavy-duty truck
  • No leaks, one-piece construction
  • Fully cored, vacuum-infused door that seals out the dust
  • Three different interiors with various sleeping configurations
  • 65″ interior height to reduce draft on the road and center of gravity
  • Heat and plumbing options for ultimate comfort
  • Ultra-Four season preparedness for all climates

In addition to this, the company has revealed that it has teamed up with Wasatch Overland for the custom crafted camper interiors.

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Embracing the lifestyle of minimalist travel and RV living, this camper offers essential amenities without excess. Upon entry through its spacious rear access door, occupants are greeted by a convertible couch that doubles as a twin bed, ensuring optimal flexibility for living, working, and resting. 

“For years, many dissatisfied traditional camper owners have asked us to make a camper built to Tufport’s standards. We’ve applied decades of experience to create a completely new design.”
—Jeff Engelland, President of Tufport

Across from the sleeping quarters, a generously equipped galley kitchen boasts ample countertops, a vertical pantry cabinet, and abundant storage options. The sleeping area above the cab serves as the primary bedroom, while screened, tinted windows and a roof vent infuse the interior with natural light, creating an airy ambiance. Despite its compact dimensions, the Overlander feels remarkably spacious, boasting 72 inches in width and 65 inches of headroom.

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True to Tufport’s guiding principles, the Overlander is marketed as a versatile canvas ripe for customization. While it comes as a blank slate, customers can opt for OEM add-ons such as sinks, refrigerators, induction cooktops, and heaters, transforming it into a four-season retreat. For adventurers craving off-road exploration, optional features include a roof rack for gear like kayaks or skis, an extendable awning, and a solar panel array for extended journeys.

Crafted to seamlessly integrate into most standard pickup trucks with a six- or 6.5-foot bed, the Overlander boasts a one-piece composite fiberglass construction, ensuring lightweight durability. Tufport’s commitment to quality shines through its industrial-strength design, exemplified by a watertight construction that defies leaks. In a testament to its resilience, Tufport famously subjected one of its camper shells to a river test, demonstrating its imperviousness to water.

With the unveiling of the Overlander, Tufport cements its position as a trailblazer in the overlander camper realm, offering adventurers a reliable and versatile companion for their off-grid escapades.

When Can We Expect The Tufport Overlander? 

The Overlander will be available starting summer 2024, and pricing for the interior trim options is expected to range between $34,000–$50,000 CAD (approximately $25,000–$37,000 USD). Tufport plans to exhibit at the Overland Expo West in May 2024 in Flagstaff, AZ and also at Overland Expo Mtn West in August 2024.

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About Tufport

For over 40 years, Tufport has been a pioneer in crafting durable units that excel in both functionality and aesthetics, seamlessly integrating with modern pickups and vans. Specializing in industrial-grade truck slide-ins, canopies, caps, mobile treatment centers, emergency transport vehicles, and van tops, Tufport has established itself as an industry leader. Based in Canada, Tufport’s commitment to customer satisfaction and rapid responsiveness has solidified its reputation for delivering best-in-class, cost-effective solutions tailored to the North American market.