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2025 Bowlus Rivet: All-New Rugged Luxury Travel Trailer

Published March 11, 2024

Here’s what we know about the 2025 Bowlus Rivet—a rugged luxury travel trailer designed to offer adventurers unmatched comfort and durability for their journeys.

Bowlus, renowned for its performance luxury recreational vehicles, has unveiled its latest offering to the adventure-seeking community: the Bowlus Rivet. Representing a departure from its existing product line, the Rivet combines rugged durability with the brand’s hallmark of luxury.

Measuring a compact 25 feet, 3 inches, the Bowlus Rivet boasts hard-wearing finishes and a spacious interior designed to accommodate the needs of travelers seeking serious adventures without compromising on comfort. With a large separate bedroom featuring a king-size bed, a luxury ensuite bathroom, and a roomy living room and kitchen, the Rivet offers a home away from home for up to four travelers.

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“Bowlus has a long history of building RVs for a lifetime of adventures, and the Rivet certainly delivers on the Bowlus standard of incredible build quality while also offering features for rugged experiences. We don’t spend time with cute concepts as a privately held company. Instead, we do the tough work to make things happen, which means we deliver durable features that speak directly to RV owners.”
—Geneva Long, Founder & CEO of Bowlus

Equipped with robust power management systems, including yacht-quality 8 kWh lithium batteries and up to 660 W of solar power generation, the Rivet enables indefinite off-grid exploration in any terrain or climate. 

Its best-in-class Bowlus Power Management System and AeroSolar technology allow all appliances, including air-conditioning and heating, to operate off-grid seamlessly. Additionally, a three-inch lift kit and all-terrain tires provide added off-road clearance, granting Bowlus owners the flexibility to choose their campsites, from off-grid boondocking to luxury locations.

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Remarkably, with a flyweight GVWR of 3,500 pounds, the Bowlus Rivet is towable by a wide range of vehicles, including electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model Y, ensuring impressive range and fuel efficiency.

In a groundbreaking move, the Rivet is the first production RV to feature self-propelled, self-powered, and remote-controlled capabilities, allowing unprecedented access to various locations. The AeroMove feature, available for an additional $10,000, provides exceptional power and traction, enabling the Rivet to navigate steep slopes, execute 360-degree turns, and maneuver effortlessly into campsites, driveways, and parallel parking spaces.

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“AeroMove is something campers have only dreamed about until now. We have been quietly working on this feature for over five years to hone the best functionality for our customers – we are so pleased to feature this game-changing technology.”
—Geneva Long, Founder & CEO of Bowlus

The Rivet offers a dynamic interior decor package named “Onyx,” characterized by a striking color palette with matte black detailing, embodying an exciting and bold architectural edge. The decor package features true performance materials carefully selected to enhance the Rivet’s unique personality.

The Bowlus Rivet Is Available For Preorder

Customers can now preorder the Rivet through the company’s website with a $100 refundable deposit. Priced at $148,500 after tax credit, the Rivet represents a fusion of luxury and ruggedness, embodying Bowlus’ commitment to crafting the very best RVs for adventurous pleasure.

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About Bowlus

Bowlus boasts one of the most iconic stories in the RV industry as the original riveted aluminum travel trailer. Spanning nine decades, the brand has captured the nation’s imagination for luxury land travel. 

Under the leadership of Geneva Long, Founder & CEO, Bowlus has emerged as a leader in the RV industry, prioritizing quality and innovation. From its inception over a decade ago, Bowlus has focused on building top-tier RVs for adventure enthusiasts, culminating in the introduction of the first all-electric RV. As a privately owned company, Bowlus has grown organically, driven by its passion for excellence and innovation.