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New Volkswagen California Will Have World Premiere May 7 In Berlin

Published April 29, 2024

The upcoming world premiere of the Volkswagen California Multivan in Berlin on May 7 signifies a significant evolution in campervan technology, boasting expanded living space, innovative three-zone functionality, and advanced eHybrid drive integration.

The world premiere of the new Volkswagen California campervan is set to take place on May 7 in Berlin. Volkswagen enthusiasts and campervan fans alike will have the opportunity to witness the unveiling of the latest iteration of this iconic vehicle through a digital experience on YouTube.

According to Volkswagen, the debut marks a significant moment as they aim to completely rejuvenate the beloved campervan, envisioning it for the future while preserving its well-loved features. The company is focused on maintaining its leading position in the market by introducing innovative elements to stay ahead of the competition.

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Since its introduction in 2003, the Volkswagen California has been the most successful campervan in its class. To commemorate this legacy, the last 1,500 models produced in Hanover-Limmer will bear a distinctive “Last Edition” decal on the B-pillar, serving as a visual reminder of their significance as the final Volkswagen California models based on the Transporter 6.1 platform.

What We Can Expect From The Upcoming Volkswagen California T7

The upcoming Volkswagen California T7 is set to redefine campervan living with a host of new features aimed at enhancing comfort, safety, and flexibility.

One of the standout improvements is the increased length and width, providing more living space and comfort for both everyday use and camping adventures. Twin sliding doors introduce a new three-zone concept, with a kitchen accessible from outside the vehicle, offering greater flexibility for outdoor cooking and living.

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Innovations extend to the powertrain, with the introduction of eHybrid drive technology, promising improved ride comfort and a range of assist systems for added safety. Campervan functions can now be conveniently controlled via a smartphone app or a tablet-style control unit.

The Volkswagen California T7 builds upon the company’s legacy of versatility, seamlessly transitioning from a fully-equipped camper van to a practical vehicle for daily use.

For the first time, the Volkswagen California incorporates plug-in hybrid technology, offering impressive overall ranges while providing emission-free driving for urban commutes. Lithium-ion batteries onboard ensure a nearly autonomous 12V power supply, enhancing convenience during outdoor adventures.

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The Volkswagen California’s Three-Zone Concept

The Volkswagen California’s living and cooking areas have undergone a comprehensive redesign, with an additional sliding door on the kitchen side opening up new possibilities for outdoor living. The innovative three-zone concept presents different exterior and interior scenarios, expanding the vehicle’s usability.

Zone 1 encompasses the exterior, with a sun sail transforming the area into an open-sided tent for outdoor activities. Zone 2, the interiorfeatures a comfortable passenger compartment during daily driving, with versatile seating arrangements catering to various needs. Zone 3 introduces an additional outdoor area on the left side of the vehicle, complete with a kitchen accessible from outside, creating an ideal outdoor space for cooking and dining.

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Intelligent Interior Design Choices Make The Volkswagen California Stand Out

The Volkswagen California’s Intelligent interior design ensures optimal use of space, with practical storage solutions throughout the vehicle. A pop-up roof with a high-quality roof bed provides added comfort for overnight stays, while USB-C sockets and LED lights offer power and illumination.

Control of various functions, including the pop-up roof, interior lighting, and power supply, can be managed via a smartphone app, a camper van control unit, or the infotainment system. The multifunctional tablet allows for easy access to these features and can be swiveled for entertainment purposes.

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Overall, the Volkswagen California T7 represents a new era of campervan innovation, combining practicality with modern technology to provide unparalleled comfort and flexibility for adventurers on the road.