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Storyteller Overland Debuts MODE XO With BoomBox Wet Bath

Published April 22, 2024

Storyteller Overland introduces the MODE XO, featuring the innovative BoomBox Wet Bath, expanding their Class B RV adventure van lineup with enhanced functionality and versatility for travelers.

Storyteller Overland, renowned for its innovation in adventure lifestyle vehicles, has introduced the MODE XO, the newest addition to its esteemed Class B RV adventure van lineup. The unveiling of the MODE XO showcases Storyteller Overland’s dedication to providing top-tier craftsmanship and inventive design solutions for adventurers of all kinds.

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Central to the MODE XO’s design is the groundbreaking BoomBox™, a multifunctional water closet and storage area. Crafted for privacy and convenience, the BoomBox™ features a wet bath with a shower, a toilet equipped with an exterior cassette removal hatch, double opening doors, and a full-length mirror. This innovative addition addresses common concerns of odor and moisture, ensuring a comfortable experience for travelers.

“Simply put, the new XO with the BoomBox™ and Electric Slide™ exists because we listen intently to our community.”
—Jeffrey Hunter, CEO of Storyteller Overland

The versatility of the BoomBox™ extends beyond its primary function. As a drying closet, it accommodates a range of gear, from rainwear to snow sports equipment, with dedicated drainage, a fan, and optional heat elements. Moreover, the spacious storage capacity of the BoomBox™, enhanced by removable shelves and a hanging rod, offers ample room for larger items, ensuring travelers can organize their essentials efficiently.

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Our MODE OG designs with the HALO Shower™ and Groove Lounge™ are perfect for people who prioritize infinite flexibility and openness in their vehicle… while the XO with the BoomBox™ and Electric Slide™ tune in on some specific areas where other people in our community were desiring a bit more privacy.
—Jeffrey Hunter, CEO of Storyteller Overland

Replacing the MODE OG’s Groove Lounge seating system, the MODE XO features the Electric Slide™ three-point harness loveseat. This new addition prioritizes passenger safety and comfort during travel, with side slide adjustment and power recline capabilities.

Retaining beloved features from previous models, such as the DreamWeaver™ bed system and GearHauler Garage Space with full standing height in the rear, the MODE XO ensures a seamless transition for existing fans while welcoming newcomers to the Storyteller Overland community.

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“We’re just excited to be able to say yes with full confidence to this combined audience of adventurers! Our design & engineering team took the feedback for what was already brilliant about the MODE OG and fine-tuned it to make our lineup more accessible to a broader audience. The result is a floorplan that is perhaps a bit more mainstream, but is definitely still a Storyteller through and through with regards to attention to detail, quality, and overall vibe!”
—Jeffrey Hunter, CEO of Storyteller Overland

With Storyteller Overland’s transparent pricing model, the MODE XO is now available nationwide, starting at $189,787. This commitment to clarity and accessibility underscores Storyteller Overland’s mission to empower adventurers to explore endlessly and tell better stories through their vehicles.

The introduction of the MODE XO marks another milestone in Storyteller Overland’s legacy of innovation and dedication to serving the diverse needs of the adventure-seeking communityWhether embarking on a weekend getaway or an extended journey, the MODE XO promises unmatched comfort, functionality, and freedom for travelers to pursue their passions with confidence.

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About Storyteller Overland

Storyteller Overland is a leading adventure lifestyle brand and manufacturer of MODE Adventure Vans and GXV Expedition Vehicles. Known for their commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design, Storyteller Overland empowers adventurers to explore freely and tell better stories through their versatile vehicles. 

With a focus on modularity and functionality, their Class B RVs offer travelers the flexibility to customize their experiences while enjoying reliable fit and finish. Through their transparent pricing model and dedication to serving the diverse needs of the adventure-seeking community, Storyteller Overland continues to set new standards in the industry.

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