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2024’s Noovo Plus Will Debut As The Tallest Campervan In The U.S.

Published May 6, 2024

The Noovo Plus boasts a towering 7-foot ceiling and a suite of amenities designed for modern nomads. It will be showcased for the first time this weekend at the Adventure Van Expo in San Juan Capistrano.

Noovo, a prominent player in the campervan industry renowned for its innovation, is set to introduce its latest marvel, the Noovo Plus. Boasting an impressive 7-foot ceiling, the Noovo Plus stands tall as the first campervan in the United States to offer such headroom. Constructed on the sturdy framework of the RAM Promaster Van Super High, this new addition represents Noovo’s commitment to luxury and comfort on the road.

Scheduled for its debut appearance this weekend at the Adventure Van Expo in San Juan Capistrano, the Noovo Plus promises to redefine the standards of campervan travel. With various features designed to enhance the travel experience, Noovo continues its tradition of delivering quality and convenience to adventurers nationwide.

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What Do We Know So Far About The Noovo Plus?

Benoit Lafond, co-founder of Noovo, has expressed the company’s dedication to enriching road-trip adventures, emphasizing the importance of creating lasting memories without compromising on comfort. 

“Our vision for Noovo is fueled by our passion for road-trip adventures with friends and family. With Noovo campervans, you can maximize your road trip and make memories that will last a lifetime, all without having to sacrifice the comforts of home.”
—Benoit Lafond, Noovo co-founder

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The allure of Noovo Plus lies not only in its spacious interior but also in its comprehensive amenities tailored for modern nomads. Equipped with the latest in connectivity, including reliable WiFi powered by Starlink, travelers can stay in touch with the world while traversing remote landscapes. 

Moreover, the campervan offers a host of home comforts, from an induction stove to an elevated refrigerator, ensuring that the luxuries of home accompany every journey.

Noovo co-founder Paul Aubert has highlighted that the Noovo Plus is an ideal choice for those who want to embrace a “best of both worlds” RV lifestyle by seamlessly combining off-grid living with modern connectivity.

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“The Noovo Plus van is a great option for those seeking alternative real estate options to an adventurous lifestyle. For most of us, off-grid living no longer means being truly disconnected and the Noovo Plus gives you the best of both worlds, allowing owners to visit places that were typically remote while remaining connected.”
—Paul Aubert, Noovo co-founder

Safety is paramount with the Noovo Plus, as evidenced by its RV Industry Association (RVIA) certification, meeting rigorous safety standards across multiple categories. Backed by two trusted warranties, including RAM Promaster’s 3-year/36,000-mile warranty and Noovo’s 1-year/15,000 warranty, owners can embark on their journeys with peace of mind.

Starting at $178,000, with financing options as low as $1,182, the Noovo Plus presents a compelling option for adventurers seeking unparalleled comfort and freedom on the open road.

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About Noovo

Throughout its history, Las Vegas-based campervan company Noovo has garnered attention for its innovative approach to outdoor exploration. Founded on the principle of blending convenience with adventure, Noovo specializes in manufacturing and renting camper vans tailored to diverse travel preferences. 

Each vehicle boasts modern design elements and functional amenities, catering to both weekend excursions and extended road trips. With a commitment to providing a seamless and comfortable experience, Noovo has established itself as a leading choice among travelers seeking an alternative to traditional camping and RV options. 

Whether embarking on a solo journey or a group expedition, customers can rely on Noovo for well-equipped vehicles that are designed to enhance the outdoor experience. Through their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, Noovo continues to attract adventurers eager to explore the open road with style and convenience.

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