Hollywood RV Park

Hollywood RV Park: The Best RV Parks In Van Nuys California

Updated June 13, 2023

- By CheapRV Team

Hollywood RV Park is one of Los Angeles, California’s best recreational vehicle parks. The US’s one of the most iconic cities is Los Angeles, and there are several beautiful places to enjoy here. In Los Angeles, you will find plenty of RV parks. And all these parks are primarily located near famous tourist destinations such as Disneyland, Hollywood, and favorite hotels.

According to the Hollywood RV Park reviews, this park is one of the fantastic destinations in Los Angeles. And it’s a perfect place for bringing your family, kids, friends, colleagues, and loving ones.


How To Go To Hollywood RV Park

Hollywood RV Park

From the Los Angeles International Airport and South Sepulveda Boulevard, get towards the Superhighway 405 in North. As long as you don’t reach Vicksburg Avenue, you have to turn towards W Century Boulevard. However, to turn right onto Sepulveda Boulevard in the South, you can also use the two right paths.

Wait to pass by the IHOP and till then stay on the South Sepulveda and on the right’s side 0.6 square area it is located. You can turn right on the Howard Hughes Pkwy, but use the two right paths to take the ramp onto Superhighway 405 in the Northern portion.

Then through 66B, you can exit from the North Superhighway 405. If you want to reach Sherman Way, follow straight the Superhighway 405. Afterward, onto Hayvenhurst Avenue, you can take a right. And finally, you will reach the RV Park by turning right to Balboa Boulevard.


Park’s Basic Information

If you decide to visit this RV Park in Los Angeles California, you should do a little research to know the details of this park. You will not get lost on your way or get wrong if you know all the details in advance. Before stepping into this park, go through the following 5 essential pieces of information we featured below:

Address  7740 Balboa BoulevardVan Nuys, California 91406
Email Address  info@Hollywoodrvpark.com 
Website  https://hollywoodrvpark.com/
Contact information  +1 818-785-0949


Reservation Making System

If you are going to visit the RV park in Los Angeles, you should make appointments and bookings in advance. The advance booking gives you the security that you have the staying place in your travel destinations and you don’t need to think much of it. Moreover, you have to pay the entire bookings and appointment fees in advance.

However, don’t take much stress because booking advance in RV Park is refundable. So before invalidating or shortening your booking and appointment, you need to inform the park management authority.

Before your scheduled arrival date at your destination, you need to notify the authority that, for some reason, you will not take their service, and you want to cancel it. After that, the RV park management will take the necessary steps.


Major Features of Hollywood RV Park

For exploring the city, you will get the best option here in this RV Park. The family has owned this Park since 1976. This RV Park provides numerous facilities to the RVers and visitors, including outdoor murals and artwork.

Your travel buddies can plan a perfect night’s getaway here. In this Park, you can catch live music and a comedy show. The other major features of this park are:

1. Activities and Amenities

Without the numerous amenities and activities, visiting the RV Park in Los Angeles would not be as attractive as you think. There are several amenities available in the RV Park, which offers you enormous joys.

However, the Tinseltown RV Park will provide you with exemplary customer service. They will help you to review the bookings and appointments, including all the questions, requests, and area insights.

You will feel a warm welcome by the area management, and all the staff will warmly greet you. Moreover, whenever you need assistance, they will provide you with excellent service. And you will love to experience their well-maintained service.


2. Tinseltown Playhouse

For enjoying the live entertainment, one of the striking areas is the Tinseltown playhouse. This playhouse offers different entertainment opportunities for the visitors, including live musical performances, comedy shows and many more things.


3. Parking

The RV Park in Los Angeles offers excellent parking facilities. Full hookups are available in the deluxe 100-site RV Park. The other mentioned worthy facilities are:

    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Laundry facilities
    • Gift shop
    • Cable TV
    • 24-hour security
    • Pavilion and cable house
    • On-site shuttle service


4. Art Gallery

The art gallery in RV parks offers you to enjoy exceptional murals, artworks, and unique scenery. By seeing and reviewing the gallery, you will definitely enjoy it a lot.


RV Park’s Nearby Attractions

After staying and enjoying these RV parks for a few days, you may want to plan for a trip somewhere else. But if it becomes the nearby area of your Park, it would be better. However, there are several beautiful places near the Park. Los Angeles will surely not disappoint you, and you will enjoy the entertainment to the fullest.

You could visit and explore countless attractions nearby the RV Park in Hollywood, including the hotels, casinos, scenic spots, and fine dining restaurants. So, let’s review some attractive places where you could enjoy the most:


1. Universal Studios Hollywood

One of Hollywood’s most famous and beautiful attractions is this Universal Studios. This area offers numerous activities to do, and views to enjoy. Many visitors yearly visit this Universal studio. Also once the tourists visit here, they give fascinating reviews about this area.


2. Sage Ranch Park MRCA

You will find Los Angeles’s beautiful trails in this area. This area offers everything, including the ample parking facility, expansive view, an outdoor amphitheater, massive sandstone rock formations and many more. Also, you will enjoy the picnic table’s strong opinions, toilet facilities and outcroppings here. The campers provide excellent reviews on this Park.


3. Walnut Recreational Vehicle Park

If you are looking for a recreational vehicle campground that will offer you the old-fashioned excellent hookup facilities, then this Walnut RV Park is the best option for you. This Park is in the attractive San Fernando Valley and is close to Los Angeles.

This area provides excellent space for visitors, and the campers can enjoy this area’s beauty. The campers love this area and have provided substantial positive reviews on it.


4. Tapo Canyon Country Park

This Tapo Canyon Regional Park is located in the northern portion of the Santa Susana Mountains in Simi Valley. All types of visitors, including mountain bikers, hikers, equestrian riders and trailers on the ground, enjoy visiting this Park.

Also, an equestrian picnic area is available here. Again with the 16 complete hookups package, you will get a ground for this RV in this Tapo Canyon Park. This county park and Los Angele’s famous Hollywood hotels are quite attractive. It has thousands of positive reviews. So without any doubt, you can visit and stay here.


5. Casino

One of the essential parts of Los Angeles without which this city remains incomplete is the casinos here. You can enjoy incredible excitement here with outstanding table games, sports betting, poker games, and other activities. Moreover, you can earn huge money by playing the games in a casino. For staying near these casinos in Los Angeles, you will find different famous hotels here also.


6. Oakville Trail Campground

This Oakville trail campground offers a natural, old, rustic campsite for hardcore campers. Around the featured parks in Los Angeles, this Oakville trail campsite is located. Near this ground and Park, you will get all the attractive and famous hotels, so don’t worry about staying here. Campers and visitors have given thousands of positive reviews about this place.


7. Tom Lucas Trail Campground

So another beautiful and old campground in Los Angeles is this Tom Lucas Trail campground. Along with the RV park facilities, this ground features a natural campsite, and you could explore and enjoy the hidden natural beauty of this Park.

Around this ground, there are several famous hotels available where you could stay. The campers also love this Park and have spontaneously given a positive review of it.


Final Verdict

The Hollywood RV Park offers you to do much more things than we described. And in Los Angeles, it is undoubtedly one of the perfect areas to enjoy. You can discover, explore and review the area in Tinseltown. Whether you want to enjoy a trip with your family and friends or want to go for a long weekend getaway, you can undoubtedly visit this Park.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to bring your pet with you while visiting this Park because it is animal-friendly. By visiting this Park, you can release your stress, refresh yourself and enjoy this area’s beauty. Whatever you want to explore, experience, and discover, you will get everything here. So what are you waiting for? Prepare a plan today and visit the RV parks near Los Angeles California.