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Ultimate Fuzion: The Flipping Nomad’s Innovative Take On Luxury Travel Trailers

Published March 18, 2024

Explore The Flipping Nomad’s latest creation, the Ultimate Fuzion, a pioneering luxury travel trailer redefining industry standards with its blend of functionality, sustainability, and bespoke craftsmanship.

You may remember seeing it at the 2024 Florida RV SuperShow as part of the Lippert booth. Well, the Ultimate Fuzion is now hitting the road on a mission to educate and inspire RV owners across the country. 

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Pushing Boundaries In RV Design

“We customize RVs for clients. We also teach people how to do their own renovations and show them how to get started with an RV lifestyle.”
—Cortni Armstrong, Founder of The Flipping Nomad

The Ultimate Fuzion, a brainchild of The Flipping Nomad, embodies a fusion of functionality, luxury, and ingenuity. Inspired by a 2024 Keystone Fuzion 425, this marvel underwent a comprehensive overhaul, tailored precisely to Cortni’s vision of an ideal travel companion. From a residential bathtub to a built-in nugget ice maker, no detail was overlooked when crafting this masterpiece.

One of the hallmark innovations of the Ultimate Fuzion lies in its approach to climate control. Departing from traditional rooftop air conditioners, The Flipping Nomad embraced the future with residential mini-split units installed in the basement. This strategic move not only minimizes energy consumption but also ensures whisper-quiet operation, enhancing the overall travel experience.

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Pioneering Sustainable Power Solutions

The commitment to sustainability echoes throughout the Ultimate Fuzion’s design, exemplified by its robust solar power system. With 22 solar panels generating a total of 4,840 watts, supported by state-of-the-art Victron components, this RV sets a new standard for eco-conscious travel. Future Solutions, based in Elkhart, Indiana, played a pivotal role in designing and implementing this cutting-edge power infrastructure.

Moreover, customizability defines every facet of the Ultimate Fuzion, including its bespoke windows crafted by industry leader Lippert Components. These custom windows not only enhance the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal but also ensure structural integrity, seamlessly blending form and function.

“This year we partnered with Cortni and the Ultimate Fuzion. She reached out to us and said, ‘Hey, I’m going to build this new RV. I would like to use some of your products and see what we can create together[. . .]and she would come into our headquarters work with our manufacturing plans and our research and development teams to start putting together some new innovative products.”
—Nicole Sult, Vice President of Customer Experience at Lippert

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A Mobile Workshop And Beyond

Beyond its role as a luxury travel trailer, the Ultimate Fuzion serves as The Flipping Nomad’s mobile workshop, embodying the spirit of versatility and adaptability. Following the closure of their Austin, Texas shop in 2022, Cortni and the team embarked on a journey of exploration, using the Ultimate Fuzion as their base of operations. Equipped with all the necessary tools and amenities, including Cortni’s Lectric ebike for scouting remote locations, this RV symbolizes the epitome of modern nomadic living.

Charting New Territories With The Flipping Nomad

As The Flipping Nomad embarks on their nationwide tour with The Ultimate Fuzion, they invite enthusiasts to join them on a journey of discovery and inspiration. Through collaborations with notable names in the industry like Lippert, Girl Camper, Progressive Insurance®, and Harvest Hosts, Cortni Armstrong seeks to not only showcase her creation but also foster a community of like-minded adventurers. With workshops, meet-ups, and educational sessions planned along the way, this tour promises to redefine the RV lifestyle for generations to come.

“It’s been very interesting when we’d bring products to her and say, ‘Hey we’d really like to see this on the rig’ and she’d say, ‘Yes, immediately, here’s what I’m thinking,’ but a lot of times, she would say, ‘No, this doesn’t work for me,’ and continue to explain why. And that was so informative because she’s living this life. She’s really that first-hand, real-time feedback on products.”
—Nicole Sult, Vice President of Customer Experience at Lippert

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About The Flipping Nomad

The Flipping Nomad LLC is a woman-owned construction company that specializes in RV renovations—from individual customizations to corporate partnerships across the RV and automotive industries. With a decade of experience and a foundation in full-time RV living, founder Cortni Armstrong brings expertise in optimizing space and functionality. Through online courses, seminars, and coaching, she empowers others to tackle RV projects and embrace the RV lifestyle with confidence.

About Girl Camper

Girl Camper is a women’s camping group and organization that sponsors events across the country for women and is committed to nurturing a spirit of adventure and community among women in camping and outdoor pursuits. With a network of over 30 chapters and numerous events annually, Girl Camper promotes connections, education, and memorable outdoor experiences for women of all ages. Additionally, as a leading educational platform, Girl Camper offers insightful podcasts and magazines dedicated to enhancing camping knowledge and enjoyment.