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Mammoth Overland Just Revealed Its Tall Boy Off-Road Camper Trailer

Updated May 13, 2024

Mammoth Overland unveils its latest creation, the Tall Boy Genesis Edition camper trailer, boasting off-road capability and comfort features tailored for adventurous families.

Mammoth Overland, known for its rugged and innovative camper trailers, has unveiled its latest creation: the Tall Boy Genesis Edition. Building on the success of previous models like the ELE (Extinction-Level Event) trailer, Mammoth Overland continues to push the boundaries of off-road capability and comfort in the realm of camper trailers.

Designed to accommodate adventurous families seeking to explore remote and challenging terrain, the Tall Boy Genesis Edition boasts impressive features. With dimensions standing at 9 feet tall and weighing 2,900 pounds, this trailer offers ample space for up to four adults while remaining towable by a variety of vehicles.

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Constructed with a steel frame and aluminum body, the Tall Boy ensures durability without compromising on insulation, boasting an R5 insulation value. Inside, the layout is optimized for both functionality and comfort. Upon entry, occupants are greeted with two bunk beds to the left and a full bathroom to the right, featuring a shower, sink, and toilet. The central hallway leads to an indoor/outdoor pantry, followed by a king-size bed at the front of the camper.

“As a teen growing up in Montana, I explored on foot places that most people couldn’t. I always lamented that more families couldn’t experience these places. We gave Tall Boy 22 inches of ground clearance, so that families could confidently and comfortably access parts of our country typically off limits to off-road trailers. Tall Boy combines the durability of our HV and ELE trailers with the amenities and spaciousness of home.”
—Scott Taylor, President of Mammoth Overland

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The interior living quarters are designed around the expansive king-size mattress, offering panoramic views through large windows and warmth from a Dickenson Marine Newport Explorer propane fireplace. Additional sleeping space is provided by two bunk beds, ideal for children or guests, with the top bunk doubling as a cozy sitting area when folded down.

Outside, the Tall Boy boasts a fold-out kitchen equipped with a sink, dual-burner propane stove, and a 42-quart fridge, ensuring culinary convenience even in remote locations. A 270-degree 23Zero awning extends over the kitchen and entrance area, providing shelter from the elements.

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Powered by a robust electrical system comprising 400Ah of Renogy lithium batteries and two 100W flexible solar panels, the Tall Boy offers off-grid capability without sacrificing modern amenities. USB ports, LED lighting, and a 24-inch TV ensure convenience and comfort wherever the journey leads.

True to its name, the Tall Boy Genesis Edition is engineered for off-road excursions, featuring a dual independent-axle system, 33-inch all-terrain tires, and an impressive 22 inches of ground clearance. Front-mounted spare tires, equipment racks, and a versatile MOLLE panel further enhance its capability and adaptability to diverse terrain.

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Priced at $72,000, the Tall Boy Genesis Edition represents a premium offering from Mammoth Overland. Only 10 units are slated for production. Future versions will be available at a lower price point and offer a range of customizable options and upgrades to suit individual preferences.

RV enthusiasts eager to experience the Tall Boy Genesis Edition firsthand can catch its public debut at Overland Expo West 2024 in Flagstaff, Arizona, from May 17 to 19. With deliveries set to commence in the last quarter of the year, adventure seekers will soon be able to embark on their next journey with this formidable off-road camper trailer from Mammoth Overland.

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About Mammoth Overland

Mammoth Overland is a renowned manufacturer of rugged, high-performance camper trailers dedicated to providing adventurers with the means to explore remote and challenging terrain. Based in Woodinville, Washington, Mammoth Overland is a subsidiary of Vashon Aircraft, integrating aerospace construction techniques into its trailer designs. 

With a focus on off-road capability and innovation, Mammoth Overland continues to push the boundaries of camper trailer design, enabling families to embark on unforgettable outdoor adventures.

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