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The New 2024 Renault Master Aims To Be The “Ideal Van” On The Market

Published December 4, 2023

The new 2024 Renault Master aims to be the ideal van for both commercial and personal use — pushing the boundaries of the industry with its innovative features, versatile lineup, and conversion flexibility.

Renault, a key player in the van market, has unveiled the fourth generation of its iconic Master series, set to hit the roads in the the first half of 2024. With a rich history dating back to 1980, when production began in Batilly, eastern France, the Renault Master has established itself as a stalwart leader in its category across Europe and beyond. 

Boasting a staggering 3 million units sold in Europe alone and a presence in over 50 countries, including a notable stint in South America since 1990, the Master series has consistently defined excellence in the world of vans.

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A Closer Look At The Design Of The 2024 Renault Master

The Cockpit 

The interior of the new Renault Master epitomizes sophistication, mirroring the design elements found in passenger vehicles. The S-shaped dashboard facing the driver not only enhances the feeling of spaciousness but also adds a touch of modernity. Standard across the lineup, the 10-inch screen infotainment system not only provides a visually pleasing high-tech touch but also ensures seamless connectivity.

“We put the customer – and simplifying their daily life – at the center of everything we did. We stopped at nothing to make sure the New Renault Master doubles up as a proper, practical, comfortable and, especially, ultra-high-quality workstation.”
—Louis Morasse, design director, LCV Range, Renault

The cockpit transforms into a fully functional mobile office, with a 25% increase in total storage space, making it an industry leader. From compartments on the dashboard to side cupholders, glove-box drawers, a cab-ceiling slot, and two storage tiers in the doors, every inch is optimized for utility. The back of the middle seat cleverly folds down into a desk, while USB-C ports cater to the power needs of contemporary devices.

Exterior Design

The exterior design of the 2024 Renault Master exudes a powerful and modern personality. The bold front, featuring Renault’s new logo and extra-large full-LED headlamps, gives the van a distinctive presence on the road. With a choice of seven standard body colors and over 300 special hues, customers can personalize their Master to match their professional style.

Efficiency, durability, and safety are encapsulated in the van’s design, with meticulous attention to detail. The rear, while narrower for improved aerodynamics, still maintains a spacious opening and load area. The asymmetrical rear window and C-shaped rear lights add to the Master’s distinctive aesthetic.

“The New Renault Master’s general bearing is reinforced by its imposing vertical grilles, horizontal LED headlamps patterns and extra-heavy-duty bumpers. We worked on even the tiniest details with Engineering to combine striking design with performance and efficiency.”
—Louis Morasse, design director, LCV Range, Renault

The Design Enhances Energy Efficiency

In a remarkable feat of engineering, the 2024 Renault Master sets a new standard for energy efficiency in its class. Aerodynamic enhancements contribute to a more than 20% reduction in Scx, surpassing both its predecessor and current rivals. The aerodynamic improvements not only lower CO2 emissions by a substantial 39 g/km but also significantly reduce consumption in electric versions, marking a 20% improvement on the current Master.

Renault’s commitment to quality and efficiency extends to every detail, from the shortened bonnet to the streamlined wing mirrors and air intake ducts. The extensive aerodynamic development studies, conducted with 83% scale models, underline Renault’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of efficiency and sustainability.

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The Renault Master’s Multi-Energy Platform

In a groundbreaking move towards versatility and sustainability, the new Renault Master introduces a Multi-Energy Platform that caters to diverse powertrain preferences, setting a new standard for efficiency and adaptability in its category.

Efficiency Across Powertrains

Customers opting for the new Renault Master can choose from a range of powertrains, each designed to offer optimum efficiency. Whether it’s the Diesel Blue dCi powertrains with options delivering 105, 130, 150, or 170 horsepower, consuming significantly less fuel and emitting fewer CO2 emissions, or the fully electric versions powered by 96 kW or 105 kW motors with impressive torque, the Master stands out as the most efficient vehicle in its category at the time of its November 2023 reveal.

Assembly Line Flexibility

A unique feature of the Multi-Energy Platform is the common assembly line for all versions, showcasing Renault’s commitment to flexibility and customization. The new Renault Master is the sole vehicle in its class manufactured entirely in France, consolidating the production of three energy versions and various bodies in Batilly, Eastern France. From powertrains and gearboxes to batteries, the majority of components are sourced and assembled within the country, with 84% of suppliers based in France.

Diesel, Electric, And Future-Ready Hydrogen

The Diesel Blue dCi powertrains offer a range of options, ensuring a tailored driving experience with reduced fuel consumption and emissions. The electric versions, powered by 40-kWh or 87-kWh batteries, redefine payload capacity, range, and towing capabilities. With a noteworthy 410 km WLTP range and a rapid 130 kW DC fast charge, which adds 229 km in just 30 minutes, the electric version of the Renault Master stands at the forefront of efficiency.

The new Renault Master’s forward-thinking design anticipates future advancements with its readiness to accommodate a hydrogen H2-Tech engine and fuel cell. This commitment to multiple energy sources positions the Master as a trailblazer in sustainable mobility, catering to a diverse range of consumer needs.

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The Renault Master’s Integrated Technology And Features

Unique Braking System

The new Renault Master debuts a power-assisted dynamic braking control system, ensuring consistent braking effectiveness and pedal feel irrespective of the van’s load. This not only enhances safety but also triggers the automatic emergency braking system with lightning speed, reducing response time by half. The system’s efficiency extends to regeneration, significantly boosting the range of electric vehicles.

Driver Assistance Systems

Boasting a comprehensive suite of 20 driver assistance systems, the new Renault Master places safety at the forefront. Features like lateral stability, automatic emergency braking, trailer stability assist, and Intelligent Speed Assist collectively contribute to a secure driving environment. These systems work in tandem to ensure heightened active safety, providing drivers with the tools they need to navigate confidently.

V2X Functionalities

Electric variants of the new Renault Master go a step further with Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capabilities. These functionalities enable users to charge other devices directly from the van’s cockpit or load area. The Master can also power custom-built body parts, such as refrigerated compartments or automatic tailgates, directly from its battery. Furthermore, the van can feed energy back to the grid using a bidirectional charger, showcasing Renault’s commitment to sustainable energy practices.


In the digital age, connectivity is key, and the new Renault Master is primed with the latest features to enhance performance. The OpenR Link multimedia system, a digital-native van’s centerpiece, comes standard with every model. With a 10-inch screen and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connections (wired and wireless), the system provides a seamless integration of smartphone features.

An exciting addition is the incorporation of Google into the OpenR Link system, a first for LCVs. This integration brings Google Maps navigation, the Google Play app catalog, and voice-controlled Google Assistant directly into the dashboard. The system’s intuitive interface allows for a personalized online experience, making tasks like navigation, music control, and even checking the weather hands-free.

In addition, the new Renault Master introduces apps designed for professional use, including a Vivaldi browser for internet access and email viewing, EasyPark for streamlined parking solutions, and Waze for community-driven navigation.

The Master’s native connectivity extends to electric versions, offering exclusive functionalities like electric vehicle route planning through Google Maps and the My Renault app for remote services tailored for electric vehicles.

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Final Thoughts

The upcoming launch of the new Renault Master heralds a new era in professional transport, offering a comprehensive lineup tailored to diverse needs. 

“Our goal with the New Renault Master was to get as close as we could to the ideal van. Tradespeople, contractors and fleet managers will see a real leap forwards, a vehicle that is there for them whenever they need it, to maximize their productivity. A van they can lean on for their work, day in and day out, whatever type of energy they choose.”
—Hélène Carvalho, Renault Master program leader

Boasting 40 silhouettes, including a 40 mm wider sliding side door and the longest load areas in its category, the Master redefines convenience. With enhanced payload capacity and a spectrum of conversion bases, consumers can ultimately tailor the van to their unique requirements.