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All-Electric ‘CyberTrailer’ Has Been Revealed By Living Vehicle

Published May 20, 2024

Luxury RV specialist Living Vehicle has just revealed the CyberTrailer, an all-electric, solar-powered camper designed for off-grid independence—with features such as a mobile charging station, water generation system, and compatibility with both electric and conventional tow vehicles.

Living Vehicle, a luxury RV specialist based in California, has unveiled its latest creation, the CyberTrailer. Inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck, this innovative trailer is designed for adventurers seeking independence from traditional utility connections.

The CyberTrailer stands out with its distinctive, angular design reminiscent of the Tesla truck. It’s crafted for those who desire the freedom to camp without the constraints of conventional setups. This luxury camper embodies sustainability and self-sufficiency, hallmarks of Living Vehicle’s unplugged lifestyle.

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The Charging Station That Travels With You

More than just a luxury camper, the CyberTrailer functions as a mobile charging station. It provides power for all its needs and can charge the tow vehicle when off-grid. Equipped with advanced solar panels and backup power systems, the CyberTrailer ensures a continuous and reliable power supply. This feature enhances off-grid adventures, offering complete energy independence and allowing travelers to extend their journeys without needing charging stations.

Ultimate Off-Grid Independence

What sets the CyberTrailer apart from other RVs is its autonomy from utility connections. Operating entirely on solar powerit’s designed to thrive away from crowded RV parks and campgrounds. Its state-of-the-art solar panels power all onboard systems, making it a true off-grid vessel. Capable of lasting weeks or even months off-grid, the CyberTrailer is a standout in the market.

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Water Independence

The CyberTrailer is equipped with a proprietary water generation system that extracts moisture from the air, similar to the technology used in Living Vehicle’s other models. This, combined with advanced water and waste recycling processes, allows occupants to sustain themselves without water hookups. These features enable travelers to experience destinations without leaving a trace.

Versatile Towing And Enhanced Functionality

The CyberTrailer pairs well with electric vehicles like the Tesla Cybertruck, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Rivian R1T, but it’s also compatible with conventional half-ton gas and diesel vehicles. High-power alternators in motor-based tow vehicles can provide a backup power source to the trailer. This versatility ensures that the spirit of adventure is accessible to all, regardless of their vehicle’s fuel type.

Reservations now Open

As Living Vehicle moves toward production, more detailed specifications and additional imagery of the CyberTrailer’s exterior and interior will be released. These updates will offer deeper insights into its capabilities and features.

Starting at $175,000, with deliveries beginning in 2025, the CyberTrailer offers RV enthusiasts a luxurious, independent mobile living solution. With 80% of reservations already sold out, interested buyers are encouraged to secure their spot quickly (a fully refundable $100 deposit is required to reserve a CyberTrailer).

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About Living Vehicle, Creators Of The CyberTrailer

Living Vehicle, founded by Matthew and Joanna Hofmann, is a California-based company specializing in luxury mobile living spaces. Drawing from a decade of experience in designing and living in mobile environments, the Hofmanns have channeled their passion for freedom and sustainability into creating innovative RVs. 

Their journey began in Santa Barbara, CA, where they ran a custom mobile design firm while traveling full-time. Living Vehicle aims to develop completely self-supporting, net-zero products, embodying the Hofmanns’ commitment to sustainable living solutions. 

The company has received several accolades for its designs, including Robb Report’s Best Overall Travel Trailer for 2024 for the Living Vehicle HD24, the Future House Awards 2023 Sustainable Design Category winner for the 2024 HD30, and the Skift IDEA Awards 2021 winner in the Spaces & Places category for the 2022 model. These awards highlight Living Vehicle’s dedication to creating cutting-edge, eco-friendly mobile living spaces.

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