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Thor Motor Coach RVs: Here Are Changes To Its 2025 Class A Gas RVs

Published June 10, 2024

The 2025 Thor Motor Coach RVs have received significant updates, emphasizing innovation, luxury, and convenience to elevate the RV experience for camping enthusiasts and adventurers.

Thor Motor Coach has introduced a series of updates and enhancements for its 2025 Class A gas motorhomes, incorporating new floorplans, advanced technology, and enhanced features to improve the overall RV experience

These changes include a new 26.2 floorplan for the Axis and Vegas models, a tankless water heater in all models, and the Touch N’ Go control panel for A.C.E. and Resonate motorhomes.

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New 26.2 Floorplans For Axis And Vegas Models

One of the notable updates to the lineup of Thor Motor Coach RVs is the introduction of the new 26.2 floorplan in the Axis and Vegas motorhome brands. This floorplan, which sleeps four, offers ample closet space and features twin beds that can convert into a King-size bed. 

This flexible sleeping arrangement is perfect for those traveling with friends or a partner. The 2025 Axis and Vegas models also come equipped with a convection microwave oven with an air fryer, an exterior camp-side spray port, and new partial paint options with matte black wheel simulators.

Tankless Water Heaters For All Models

All 2025 Thor Motor Coach RVs now feature a tankless water heater, providing a continuous supply of hot water. This upgrade not only enhances convenience but also conserves energy and saves space, making it easier for users to enjoy long, warm showers or wash dishes while on the road.

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Touch N’ Go Control Panel In A.C.E. And Resonate Models

The 2025 A.C.E. and Resonate motorhomes come with the new Touch N’ Go control panel, simplifying RV management. This panel allows users to check tank levels, manage the generator’s Automatic Generator Start (AGS), use the emergency start switch, and operate slide-out controls via Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

Additionally, a mobile app enables these controls to be accessed from outside the RV, adding further convenience for campers.

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Exterior Kitchen And Soft-Close Drawer Guides

The A.C.E. and Resonate 29D and 30C floorplans, as well as the Hurricane and Windsport 29M and 34J floorplans, now include an exterior kitchen with a two-burner pull-out griddle. 

This feature enhances the outdoor cooking experience, allowing RVers to enjoy meals outside with ease. Inside, the 2025 models are equipped with soft-close drawer guides, ensuring items are stored safely and quietly.

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Winegard ConnecT System For Enhanced Connectivity

Staying connected on the go is easier with the Winegard ConnecT system, which is standard on all Class A motorhomes. This system includes a WiFi extender, hotspot, and TV antenna, ensuring reliable internet access and entertainment. 

The new 5G hotspot, exclusive to the 2025 Luminate, Indigo, and Outlaw Class A toy haulers, offers faster streaming and photo-sharing speeds. This system also supports the Smart TVs in every model, enhancing the overall glamping experience.

Final Thoughts On The 2025 Thor Motor Coach RVs

The 2025 updates to Thor Motor Coach RVs focus on enhancing comfort, convenience, and connectivity. With new floorplans, advanced control systems, and improved amenities, these motorhomes are designed to meet the evolving needs of modern RV enthusiasts. 

Whether it’s the flexible sleeping arrangements in the Axis and Vegas models or the high-tech features in the A.C.E. and Resonate, Thor Motor Coach is committed to delivering a superior RV experience.

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About Thor Motor Coach

Thor Motor Coach, established in 2010 from the merger of Damon Motor Coach and Four Winds International, is a leading motorhome manufacturer in North America, responsible for producing one out of every four motorhomes sold each year. The company is renowned for its innovative approach, offering a diverse range of Class A, B, and C motorhomes catering to various lifestyles and budgets. 

Thor Motor Coach’s product lineup includes popular models such as the Four Winds, Challenger, and Tuscany, as well as the luxury Mercedes Sprinter vans, Sanctuary, and Tranquility. The company aims to provide customers with high-quality, competitively priced motorhomes that feel custom-made, ensuring a superior RV experience.