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Tiffin Motorhomes Debuts New Models At The 2024 Florida SuperShow

Published January 29, 2024

Tiffin Motorhomes introduced its latest luxury models at the 2024 Florida SuperShow, showcasing a fresh lineup for RV enthusiasts.

At the 2024 Florida RV SuperShow, Tiffin Motorhomes made a significant splash with the debut of two new models: the Bob Tiffin Limited Edition (BTLE) and the entry-level Byway diesel pusher. Showcasing both the company’s innovation and dedication to the luxury RV lifestyle, these models attracted considerable attention among attendees.

The Byway, available in three floorplans — 33 FL, 38 BL, and 38 CL — was a highlight of Tiffin Motorhomes’ display. According to Jayne Fairley, the national sales director of the Red Bay, Ala., manufacturer, these models epitomize affordable diesel luxury, blending user-friendliness with Tiffin’s renowned quality.

Fairley emphasized the appeal of transitioning from a small Class A to a diesel pusher, offering enhanced towing capacity and the allure of the diesel pusher lifestyle. With all three models showcased at the show priced under $270,000, the Byway promises accessibility without compromising on luxury.

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“What makes these so attractive to consumers is, really, from just a small bump up from a small Class A, you can get into a diesel pusher. You get that diesel pusher lifestyle with more towing than we offer on the gas product.”
—Jayne Fairley, National Sales Director, Tiffin Motorhomes

In contrast, the BTLE Allegro Bus pays homage to Bob Tiffin, Tiffin Motorhomes’ founder, celebrating his legacy and contributions to the RV industry. Featuring a Cummins L9 450-hp Diesel Engine and Allison 3000 MH 6-speed automatic transmission, the BTLE embodies Tiffin’s commitment to excellence. Fairley highlighted the unique elements incorporated into the BTLE, including exterior paint scenes reminiscent of the Rocky Mountains and slide facia inspired by the grill of Bob Tiffin’s favorite car, the Packard.

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“The reason that we came out with this was Van’s (Bob’s son) and Leigh’s (Bob’s grandson) idea to pay homage to Bob and his contributions to the RV industry after 50 years of doing business. What this incorporates is Bob’s No. 1 favorite floorplan, the 45 OPP, so they’re all going to be 45 OPPs. All of them will be 450 horsepower and all of them will have things in the coach that Bob Tiffin loves.”
—Jayne Fairley, National Sales Director, Tiffin Motorhomes

Limited to just 82 units, the BTLE commemorates Bob Tiffin’s 82nd birthday, reflecting his favorite floorplan, the 45 OPP, and his passion for Packard cars and Southwest aesthetics. From arrowhead-shaped sconces to cowhide-patterned flooring, every detail reflects Tiffin’s dedication to crafting a truly distinctive experience. With an MSRP of $683,000, the BTLE represents the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity in the RV market.

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All things considered, Tiffin Motorhomes’ presence at the 2024 Florida SuperShow underscored their commitment to innovation, quality, and honoring their founder’s legacy. With the introduction of the BTLE and the Byway, Tiffin Motorhomes continues to set new standards in the industry, offering consumers unparalleled luxury and performance when it comes to RVs.

“It’s something nobody else is doing in the marketplace. It’s truly unique. From the door handles, the cabinet pulls, to the headboard in the back, it’s almost like a leather hanging piece that hides the emergency exit door. Bob loves the mountains, so if you look at the exterior of the coach it looks like a mountain design.”
—Jayne Fairley, National Sales Director, Tiffin Motorhomes

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About Tiffin Motorhomes

Tiffin Motorhomes, headquartered in Red Bay, Alabama, boasts decades of experience as a prominent manufacturer of luxury recreational vehicles in the US. 

Founded by Bob Tiffin, the company has garnered a reputation for its high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs over its many years in the industry. With a diverse lineup of motorhomes, Tiffin Motorhomes caters to various preferences and lifestyles of RV enthusiasts. 

Tiffin Motorhomes is notably one of the few family-operated RV manufacturers in the industry, and the company’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail have solidified it as a respected name in the RV industry.