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nuCamp Claims That Upcoming TAB 360 Will ‘Revolutionize’ Teardrops

Updated June 9, 2024

nuCamp has announced the upcoming release of its new mid-sized teardrop trailer, the TAB 360. It is designed to offer an optimal balance of size, weight, and features, providing more space and comfort without compromising on towing ease.

nuCamp, a leading teardrop trailer and truck camper manufacturer, has announced the upcoming release of its latest model, the TAB 360. According to a recent press release from the company, the TAB 360 is set to bridge the gap between the popular TAB 320 and TAB 400 models, offering a balance of size, weight, and features to meet the diverse needs of camping enthusiasts.

Key features of the TAB 360 include the Alde Hydronic Heating and Hot Water System, central air conditioning, and the Nautilus Water Management System. A slimline 5.0 cubic foot 12-volt compressor refrigerator and a custom XL diamond-plated storage tub further emphasize the model’s focus on convenience and functionality.

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“The TAB 360 is not just another camper; it’s a carefully crafted solution for those who want more space and comfort without compromising on the ease of towing. Its enhanced headroom, versatile interior, and balanced size make it a perfect addition to our lineup, appealing to a broad range of campers.”
—Scott Hubble, CEO of nuCamp

The TAB 360 has been designed to address the demand for a mid-sized teardrop trailer that provides more space and comfort without compromising on the ease of towing. This new model is notable for its increased headroom, which stands at 6’4″ compared to the 5’9″ headroom of the TAB 320. The additional 8 inches of headroom creates a more open and spacious interior, enhancing the overall camping experience.

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Another standout feature of the TAB 360 is its versatile interior setup. It includes a twin bed configuration that can easily convert into a dinette and additional seating, accommodating individuals up to 6’6″ tall. This flexibility makes the trailer suitable for a variety of camping scenarios, whether one needs a comfortable sleeping arrangement or a functional living space. Additionally, the wide walkway ensures easy movement within the trailer, and there is ample space for a large dog to sleep comfortably.

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In terms of specifications, the TAB 360 offers a middle ground between the compact TAB 320 and the larger TAB 400. 

The TAB 360 has an overall length of 16’8″ and a dry weight of 2,600 lbs, making it more spacious than the TAB 320, which has an overall length of 15’6″ and a dry weight of 2,043 lbs. However, the TAB 360 is lighter and shorter than the TAB 400, which has a length of 18’3″ and weighs 2,911 lbs. 

The primary sleeping area in the TAB 360 measures 31×80 inches, while a secondary sleeping area measures 31×79 inches. This in turn means that it provides more sleeping options compared to the TAB 320, which lacks a secondary sleeping area, and the TAB 400, which has a smaller secondary sleeping space.

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The TAB 360 also features a larger refrigerator, with a capacity of 5.0 cubic feet, compared to the 2.3 cubic feet in the TAB 320 and the 4.6 cubic feet in the TAB 400. This enhancement, along with the expanded storage options, caters to campers who require more space for food and supplies. The trailer is equipped with a 24-inch television, a fresh water tank capacity of 25 gallons, and a gray water tank capacity of 18 gallons, maintaining parity with the larger TAB 400 in these aspects.

“The TAB 360 has exceeded our expectations in terms of demand and excitement. It perfectly fills the gap in our product range, offering a blend of innovation, luxury, and functionality. We’re thrilled with all the positive responses from our dealers and camping community.”
—Scott Hubble, CEO of nuCamp

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nuCamp Is Ready To Introduce The TAB 360 To The World

The company has expressed great enthusiasm about the market response to the TAB 360, noting that orders have already surpassed initial production capabilities. 

nuCamp officials have highlighted that this new model is not just another addition to their lineup but a carefully crafted solution for campers seeking more space and comfort without sacrificing the ease of towing. The positive feedback from dealers and the camping community has reinforced the company’s belief that the TAB 360 will be a significant hit.

With its blend of innovation, luxury, and practicality, the TAB 360 is poised to attract a broad range of customers looking for a more spacious yet easily towable camping solution. Production for the TAB 360 is set to begin in June 2024.

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