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Where to dump RV black water

Where To Dump RV Black Water?

Updated April 11, 2023

Emptying your RV’s black water is part of The Dirty work RV owners have to complete. However, this task is necessary to maintain great hygiene during travel and keep your RV comfortable. Refusing to dump your RV’s black water will cause trouble for you long term.

Your RV’s black water is full of waste, so you must find the right spot to dispose of this gunk. That means you cannot pull over on the side of the road and dump the black water. This is an environmental hazard.

Please continue reading to learn everything you know about where to dump RV black water. We will discuss popular dumping sites, how much it costs to dump this black water, and how to empty your black water tank.

What is RV Black Water?

Your RV’s Blackwater is equivalent to a home septic tank. When you flush your toilet after using it, your waste goes into the black water tank. So, if you go too long without emptying this tank, you’ll notice an unpleasant smell throughout your RV.

Many RV enthusiasts believe the worst part of owning an RV is emptying the black water tank. However, the more you perform this task, the less disturbing it will become. If you’re a full-time RV driver emptying your black water tank will become second nature eventually.

Where to dump RV black water


Where to Dump RV black water?

You can use plenty of waste removal services to eliminate the black water in your RV. However, if you want to handle the situation yourself, you can go to the following areas to empty your black water tank.

1. RV Parks

The most popular spot to dump black water is at an RV park. You can hook up your vehicle to water supplies and shore power at these parks and use the on-site dumping stations. If you feel your black water tank is nearly full, you should take a pit stop at an RV park for all your RV necessities.

If you’ve already taken a pit stop at an RV park, you might as well dump the black water during this break. This way, you don’t have to worry about dumping the black water when the tank is nearly full.

2. Campgrounds

Many people take their RV’s to campgrounds to enjoy nature during their travels. Many campgrounds offer RV sewer hookups for easy black water tank disposal. Even if you don’t want to spend the night at the campground, you can pay a service fee to dump your black water tank.

3. RV Maintenance, Repair, and Storage Stores

RV owners must frequent maintenance, repair, and storage stores frequently. Next time you stop at one of these stores, you should consider dumping your black water tank. These stores often offer accommodations for RB owners to accomplish necessary tasks.

It would be best to call the RV store before arrival to ensure they have the accommodations to accept black water. Some RV stores do not offer RV owners disposal sites, so calling ahead is a great way to ensure you save gas.

4. Gas Stations

Some gas stations offer on-site dumping at facilities for RV owners to get rid of their black water. However, this accommodation usually comes with a service fee, and not every gas station offers this service. You should call gas stations ahead to ensure you’re filling up at a spot that offers other RV services.

5. Waste Treatment Plants

You can visit a wastewater treatment plant to dump the black water in your RV. These waste treatment plants are used to dealing with septic tanks, but they also offer accommodations for RV owners. You’ll need to inquire about their service fees if you want to dump your black water at one of these wastewater treatment plants.

6. Sporting Goods Stores

Sporting goods stores are popular spots for RV owners to get outdoor equipment for their camping trips. However, because these sporting goods stores offer RV owners so many accommodations, some offer on-site dumping grounds. It would be best to call the sporting goods store before arrival to ensure they offer a dumping site for black water.

7. Interstate Rest Areas

You’ll probably pass several Interstate rest areas driving on the highway with your RV. These rest areas often offer RV black water dumping sites with a service fee. However, not every rest area offers these dumping sites, so you’ll need to inquire beforehand. Some rest areas offer black water dumping services for free, but some charge a service fee.

8. Fairgrounds

Staking out a fairground overnight is a popular practice for many RV owners. Many fairgrounds offer black water dumping sites to eliminate your RV tank’s waste. It would be best to contact the fairground’s main office before visiting for dumping purposes. Not every fairground offers black water waste dumping services.

9. Marinas

Marinas are no strangers to black water because they offer disposal services to many boaters. You are extremely likely to find a dumping station at a Marina.

10. Sewage Treatment and Recycling Centers

A sewage treatment plant can help you process your RV’s black water. This is great news for people new to RV ownership that want assistance their first time dumping their waste. This task can be intimidating the first couple of times, so consulting a professional is always a great option.


Average Price Of Dumping RV Black Water

Around $35 may cost for dumping your RV’s black water tank waste in a dumping station. This cost is almost identical everywhere from wherever you dump your RV’s waste. However, free dumping service is available at some wastewater treatment plants, campgrounds, RV stores, and rest stops.

At private campgrounds and business places, the tank’s dumping cost ranges from $10-$35. Most of the remote damping stations, on average, charge $20 for waste dumping.


Tips to Empty Your RV Black Water Tank

When you’re new to RV ownership dumping your black water tank can be intimidating. Follow these tips to ensure the first few times go over smoothly.

● Ensure that you have a clean hose after dumping your wastewater.
● The soapy water in the grey water tank will eliminate any remaining residue after you dump your black water tank.
● It would be best to use a sewer hose between six and eight feet long.
● Keep the valve to your black water tank closed while camping.
● Rinse out your water tank after dumping the black water.
● Be mindful of others and clean up after yourself when you dump your black water tank.

Following these tips, you don’t have to worry about emptying your black water tank. The process will get easier the more often you complete it.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t empty your RV’s wastewater tank, you will encounter a sanitation problem. Eventually, this black water will back up, and you’ll have a bigger mess on your hands. There are plenty of RV dumping stations you can use during your travels.

You can dump your black water at a campground, RV park, or any other location discussed throughout this article. Some places don’t charge a fee to dump your wastewater, but others charge around $30. Dumping the black water from your tank will be intimidating, but you’ll get used to it the longer you own your RV.

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