Best portable generator for RV

Best Portable Generators for RVs and Camping

Updated October 2, 2022

- By Annie Martin

The best portable generator for RV is the most crucial part of your RV, especially for those RVs equipped with ample batteries and solar panels. The portable generator supplies electricity to your RV so that the appliances in it can run perfectly. Generators have many applications, and it offers numerous benefits; thus, it is one of the crucial parts of your RV life.

The importance of a good generator is behind the description. Suppose you are enjoying your quality camping time in your RV with your friends and family. Now sudden going out of power is highly frustrating. Only the best generator can save you from this frustrating situation.

The generator offers enough electricity or power to the RV or camper so that your vehicle can function perfectly, at least when you are enjoying your best time. This article will discuss some of the best portable generators for camping. Let’s dive into the discussion:


Best Portable Generator for RV

We picked the six best portable generators that will most suit your RV and sufficiently supply enough power in your RV. Go through the following discussion and get an idea regarding which generator is best for you. So let’s start the conversation:


1. Rainier R4400

Rainier Portable GeneratorThis is one of the top generators from Rainer, and for your recreational vehicle, it’s a perfect choice. Without any hassle, it can quickly fulfill the RVer’s all demands. Electric power requires to start this generator.

Once you turn on this generator, there will be no issue at all, and for this reason, it is most popular with RVers. This generator is highly fuel-efficient. Moreover, this is a budget-friendly product, and it is perfect for those who have a limited budget. The notable pros and cons of this generator are the following:

  • Best portable RV generator
  • Running power is 3600 watts, and the peak power is 4400

  • 4 gallons of gasoline is enough to fill the generator

  • Extremely durable

  • 18 hours is the running time

  • RV ready

  • Available at home and RV outlets

  • Different gadgets, including machines, can run efficiently with this generator

  • A bit bulky
  • Peak running power may vary


2. Jackery Portable Power Station

Portable Power StationInstead of using gasoline, different brands in the market are trying to convert it into available solar energy. So this Jackery portable power station is one such product, and it grabbed the attention of its users. So on their long camping trip, the user of this generator doesn’t need to think much about the power storage issue.

This solar generator is easily portable, and it’s very compact. Literally, you can quickly grab this generator in hand and can move this equipment from one place to another. Moreover, it is one of the affordable options for those RVers who have a tight budget. So if you invest in this Jackery RV generator, it will definitely be a win-win situation for you. This generator’s pros and cons are the following:

  • Extremely portable generator
  • The battery is made of large lithium-ion

  • Power production capacity is 150 watt

  • Generate power using the solar energy

  • For charging your RV’s light appliances, this generator is perfect

  • Budget-friendl

  • Running the heavy-duty devices or electrical appliances is a little risky using this generator
  • No other major issues


3. Champion 3100 Watt

Champion Portable GeneratorChampion 3100-watt is one of the best RV portable generators with higher power output and compact design. This generator is specially designed and produced to meet the RV owner’s demand. For running heavy appliances, this generator produces more than enough power. In addition, it is highly compact and portable, and it is the best feature of this generator.

Considering this generator’s size, the 3100 watts peak power is an extraordinary feature. And without any hassle, you will quickly run heavy-duty electrical appliances. However, remote control start is another notable feature of this generator, and it lasts long. The noteworthy pros and cons of it are:

  • Extremely compact and portable
  • Long-lasting and perfect for use in an extensive period

  • It ensures ultra-quiet operations

  • Efficiently heavy appliances in your RV can run using this generator’s power

  • Higher price compared to other generator


4. WEN 56200i Best Super

WEN 56200i Portable GeneratorThis is another portable and super-quiet generator that will satisfy the need of most RVers. This one is one of the best quiet generators for your RV, and it’s affordable too. It comes in a compact body, and the generator’s frame is very durable.

One of the essential features of this generator is that it produces 2000-watt peak power. Moreover, heavy appliances in your RV can run using this generator without any issues. Also, this generator operates quietly.

Its operating sound is hardly audible as it is too low. Lastly, the portable and compact body makes it one of the best. The RV owners can easily carry this generator from one place to another. Its noteworthy features of it are:

  • Operates extremely quietly without creating much sound
  • For running heavy RV appliances, this generator is perfect

  • The peak power generation is 2000 watts

  • Budget-friendly and affordable price

  • Offers no warranty
  • Terrible customer support


5. Westinghouse WGen7500

Westinghouse Portable GeneratorTo solve your RV’s power shortage issue, Westinghouse WGen7500 is one of the best-rated generators. This generator is perfect for those RVers who require long-term replacement. Generators with plenty of qualities are available in the market, but this Westinghouse is one of the best generators.

The generator’s frame is very durable, and also, using the remote control, you can start this generator. This product makes your job more accessible than you expect. When you require power, this generator will not disappoint you in your crucial situation. This generator last long or for many years because of its improved efficiency.

You can easily adjust this generator in your recreational vehicle as it is highly portable. The compact overall size is very easy to port, and it comes with two wheels and a handle. Due to the compact design, it will easily fit in your RV’s small areas.

9500 watts is the peak power of this generator, and 7500 watts is the running power. This power is enough for running heavy appliances like air conditioners or microwave ovens. The noteworthy pros and cons of this product are the following:

  • Perfect, portable, and compact size for RVs
  • Start with remote control

  • 420cc engine power

  • The peak power is 9500 watt

  • Three years of warranty

  • Expensive


6. WEN 56200i

When it comes to the issue of ground performance, one of the best quiet RVing and camping generators is WEN56200i. For an extended period, you can run this generator with huge loads. It operates in a super gentle way, and it is one of the best features of this generator. The high-quality engine and budget-friendly features make it the best among the other options.

This WEN 56200i generator produces power of 2000 watts, and for camping or RVing, this one is an excellent choice for RVers. The energy distortion rate of this generator is only 1.2%. In addition, the weight of this generator is only 48 pounds, so due to its less weight, you can quickly move it from one place to another. Moving this generator is very easy, and that’s why it is one of the best portable generators.

At a time, you can store 1-gallon fuel in its fuel tank. So, during your camping, its energy or petrol will never run out. Though the best generator’s price is still high, you will get this product at a very affordable price. If you decide to buy and invest in this product surely your huge money will save. The mentionable pros and cons of it are the following:

  • This generator is elementary to use
  • Operate very quietly

  • For an extensive period, it provides services

  • Works very efficiently

  • Budget-friendly and affordable

  • No fuel valve
  • Plastic finishing


Buying Guide of Best Portable Generator for RV

After going through the above best RV generator details description, you should know the essential buying guide before going to purchase it. The notable features that matter most for buying a generator are the following:

  • Fuel type
  • Power production ability
  • Noise reduction or how quietly it works
  • Safe power
  • Easy to use
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Fuel tank size
  • Run time


Final Words

While you are camping or RVing in a place without shore power, the best portable generator for RV enables you to leverage your RV. We picked the best quality generators for camping and described their details pros and cons. And most importantly, all the above portable and reliable generators are much more affordable now.

However, before selecting any portable generator for use in your RV, you should first know how much wattage the electrical appliances in your RV require. Then pick the best one to meet your RV appliance’s power demand. Don’t waste your money by purchasing a generator that will not meet the power requirement of your RV. We have mentioned the power capacity of each of the above-listed generators. Thus, pick that one that will fulfill your power need.

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