Costco RV Loans Review

Costco RV Loans Review

Updated October 2, 2022

- By Tim Harris

Costco is about warehouse prices and bulk appliances, food items, and electronics deals. But Costco is also famous for giving loans for purchasing RVs. But surprisingly, Costco doesn’t display RVs on their lot. Rather, they titled it the Costco Auto Program in their Costco RV loans Review.

Costco doesn’t sell RVs directly, but the Costco Auto Program deals with dealerships and RV dealers directly over the United States. Costco connects the customers through the Auto Program and offers a lower pricing exchange for their RV. However, RVs are not the only concerning areas of the Costco Auto Program. They also deal with the sports vehicle dealer’s large network and sell used and new sports cars.

The Costco Auto Program, through the certified dealers, offers the RVers a discount and hassle-free price experience. If you don’t want to bargain the car prices, this Costco Auto Program is a good option for you.


The Working System of Costco Auto Program

If you are a member of Costco and looking to buy an RV or car, you can either contact a member advocate or navigate the Costco Auto Program Website. You will get information about the offers and short-time manufacturer rebates by navigating the websites. However, for using the Costco program, follow the steps below:

  • Figure Out Your Car Choice: Using the website of Costco, you can compare and select various car models.
  • Locate a Dealer: After selecting the type of car you want to purchase, you need to find your area’s Costco-certified dealer. Contact one or more dealers and give your information to them. Then the dealers will set up the vehicle’s test-drive appointments.
  • Complete the Paperwork: Once you select a car, the dealer will show you the Costco pricing. If the RV price is perfect for you, complete the necessary paperwork.


Requirements for Costco Auto Program

Costco Auto Program’s only requirement is you have to become a Costco member. The Business or Gold Star Membership price is only $60, and the Executive Membership price is $120.


Advantages of Buying an RV From Costco

Costco members who use the Costco Auto Program for purchasing their recreational vehicles are mostly happy with their RV deal and price. Buyers are happy enough because they don’t have to haggle personally with the seller.

Moreover, the whole RV purchasing process is very easy if they buy RV through this program. Below we summarized the mention-worthy benefits of the Costco Auto Program.

  • Usually, the dealers are fully familiarized and used to dealing with the Costco Auto Program. So knowledgeable salesperson will help you to purchase your RV who already worked with other Costco members.
  • Costco will negotiate all the prices for you. So you don’t require to discuss or bargain about the RV’s price while purchasing.
  • Costco’s assigned team members will help you conduct the entire process. Even after purchasing the RV, they will be available if you require any assistance.
  • For the members, Costco offers a special price sheet. Costco breaks down everything on the price sheet and keeps everything easily understandable, including the price.
  • On the Costco RV loan rates, the members get a discount.


How Does Costco Select A Dealer?

Costco considers those dealers or dealerships whose social media reputation is very good and who have high scores on customer satisfaction. Also, the dealers have to pass the mystery-shopper tests. Moreover, if the dealer wants to stay in the Costco program, at least one salesperson should have the Costco certification.


Costco Auto Program’s Pros and Cons: Costco RV Loans Review

Lowlights and highlights are an indispensable part of every program. So, in the following part, we explain the pros and cons of the Costco Auto Program.

The noteworthy advantages of the Costco Auto Program are:

  • Excellent Platform for Research: Costco members can easily compare different automaker models side by side. You can easily compare engines, prices, entertainment, and other things with different models.
  • Applies to Financing and Leasing: You will get a Costco discount on your RV purchasing prices whether you buy the car with finance, cash, or lease.

  • Well-established Price Discount: A Costco member will get a discount even if he doesn’t do anything special.

  • Costco Member Advocate: You can immediately contact a Costco member advocate if you don’t like the entire process’s any part. From 6 AM to 7 PM, the member advocates are available.

  • Applies to Different Car Types: Typically, the car-buying program of Costco deals with different types of car manufacturers, including certified pre-owned and new cars. Also, you can easily find and get a used or old vehicle, but in this case, the prearranged pricing of Costco will not be available.

  • 15% Discount: The members who participate in Costco Auto Program will get a 15% discount on the servicing, parts, and accessories. However, the discount does not apply to airbags, oil changes, or state-required inspection services.

  • Lack of Enough Transparency: As long as you don’t contact the dealer, you will have no idea about its discount. However, according to the report, $1,000 is the average price discount. But this is not the highest discount rate. It’s just the average. Depending on the RV purchase deal, widely and potentially, the discount can vary.
  • Limited Dealerships: The number of dealerships in Costco is 3,000 or more, but this number is really small. If the members look for an RV brand, Costco doesn’t partner with, then the member has to go to the other automaker to settle for the deal?

  • Don’t Guarantee the Exact Vehicle: You are searching for a vehicle on the Costco site, but there is no guarantee or confirmation that you will get the exact vehicle. After contacting your dealer, there is no guarantee that the vehicle will be in stock.

  • Limited Sales People: Per dealership Costco requires only one Costco-certified person. So you have to wait for a while if that certified person is busy or has a full appointment with other members.

  • Still, Haggling Required: You may still need to haggle on the RV’s price when you go to the dealer because the dealership may try to get extra or more money from you.


How Much Cost Can You Really Save From the Costco Auto Program?

Reportedly the saving of Costco members is 22% to 25% of their RV’s retail value. If they purchase their RV using the Costco Auto Program, they can save more money. Thus on your RV purchasing cost, you can save huge money. Moreover, the member doesn’t need to bargain personally with the dealers. Thus they can save time also along with the money.

However, the Costco Auto Program has Internet Sales Price, which is effective only on the specific RV, not on RV’s every model. To attract potential buyers, the dealerships advertise huge savings on purchasing RVs. But the advertised discount applies only to the one RV on which they are giving a discount.

The dealers throw low prices online to get the customer’s attention. And the customers visit the dealership to save their money and time. Essentially through the online advertisement door, the dealer gets buyers. Once the dealer reaches a buyer, they can sell various models to the customer. Numerous car and RV dealerships use this technique to attract customers.


Why Buy an RV Through Costco?

Some Costco members who bought their recreational vehicle using the Costco Auto Program claim that they get the vehicle at a fair price. Moreover, they also claimed that the entire RV buying process was less stressful. However, the Costco members should buy an RV through its auto program due to the following reasons:

  • No need to negotiate the price as you are getting the pre-negotiated price with the dealer
  • Specially trained dealers and the salesperson is familiar with the Costco Auto Program
  • Transparent and easy to understand pricing
  • During, before, or after purchasing the RV, the members can get the Costco Advocate support if required.


Costco Auto Program’s Alternative

If the Costco Auto Program doesn’t work for you, you can use other programs or alternatives to get the best RV purchasing deal. You can go with the following alternatives in your RV buying process if you are not satisfied with the Costco Auto Program.

1. Hire a Professional

Hire a car broker or professional who will find the best recreational vehicle for you. Also, the broker will negotiate the price and haggle the car’s price on behalf of you. However, the professional charges a fee. So how much money they will charge depends on the broker.

2. Do It Yourself

So, if you don’t want to pay more money than the price of your RV, you can complete the entire process by yourself. You can use the online guide and information for completing the job.

3. Use a Competitor

You can use the competitor of Costco Auto Program to get the best deal on your RV purchase. The tough competitors of this program are:

    • AAA Auto Buying Program
    • TrueCar
    • Navy Federal Credit Union Auto Buying Program


Bottom Line

So, the Costco Auto Program for RV buyers ensures less stress, convenience, and more confidence. But still, after going through the above Costco RV loans Review, if you think it is not the best option for you, you can go with different options.

There is some lack in this Costco Auto Program also as it doesn’t offer the upfront pricing. So still, the RV buyers may require to haggle multiple things with the dealer. Even if you are a Costco member but you are not confident in dealing with and negotiating with people, you should go with other options.

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