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ModCAP Family Camper: Newest Offering From South African Manufacturer Alu-Cab

Published May 27, 2024

South African overlanding gear and rooftop tent maker Alu-Cab has unveiled its latest model, the ModCAP Family Camper. This new offering from Alu-Cab was recently showcased at Overland Expo West.

The ModCAP Family Camper is designed with a sideways orientation and an expanding sleeping platform, creating an 80 x 90-inch sleeping area. According to Alu-Cab, the Family Camper can accommodate up to four adults, making it one of their most spacious designs. It can be installed on any DC, XC, FSS, or FSL ModCAP base and features a side-opening design.

Alu-Cab states that the Family Camper is compatible with both mid-size and full-size trucks. The modularity of the ModCAP allows for interchangeable tent or flat roof options. 


Although still in the prototype stage, the company expects delivery of the ModCAP Family Camper to begin this fall. Specific details regarding the overall weight and dimensions have not yet been released, and pricing information is also pending.

However, the ModCAP Family Camper has been featured in photos on the company’s website, which show it installed on a hard-sided pickup bed insert similar to the recently announced Alu-Cabin. Alu-Cab describes the new camper as setting the trend for off-road luxury, emphasizing the importance of additional room in their designs.


Alu-Cab Also Introduced Its Newest Modular ‘ModCAP Canopy’ Earlier This Year

In addition to the Family Camper, Alu-Cab introduced the newest modular ‘ModCAP Canopy’ earlier this year. This insert can function as a camper and as secure storage for work gear at remote sites

The ModCAP Canopy boasts several notable features:

Smooth Formed Finish

The newly introduced smooth-formed finish offers a sleek and modern aesthetic. This streamlined design enhances aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, making journeys smoother.

Choice of Windows or No Windows

Users can choose between fully equipped models with windows to enjoy the scenery or a windowless configuration for a more secluded and private space.


Modular Design

The core strength of ModCAP lies in its unmatched modularity. Users can mix and match components to create the perfect setup, whether it’s a cozy sleeping space, a spacious work area, or a versatile combination. The ModCAP adapts seamlessly to different needs.

Standalone Accessories

Alu-Cab offers a range of individual accessories to enhance the ModCAP setup. These include slide-out drawers, a tiltable fridge carrier, storage containers, and a kitchen module, allowing for quick and easy customization.

The smooth roof of the ModCAP Canopy also supports solar panels and crossbars for additional racks and gear mounts, while the side panels swing open for easy access to the bed and gear from both inside and outside.


About Alu-Cab

Founded in 2000 in Cape Town, South Africa, Alu-Cab began its journey addressing the primary challenges faced by overland travelers: space and weight. Drawing from their own African travel experiences, the founders engineered the first aluminum canopy specifically for adventure travelers. This innovation marked the beginning of a series of advancements in overlanding gear as Alu-Cab continually refined, strengthened, and accessorized their canopies to unlock their full potential.

Today, Alu-Cab has become a major player in the overlanding market, with a robust manufacturing operation based in Ottery, Cape Town. The company boasts 14 factories and employs over 600 staff members, highlighting its growth from a local enterprise to an international manufacturer. Alu-Cab’s product range—which includes canopies, rooftop tents, and various overlanding accessories—is now distributed in 73 countries worldwide.

Alu-Cab’s commitment to quality and innovation has established it as a trusted name among overland enthusiasts. By focusing on durable, lightweight materials and modular designs, Alu-Cab continues to cater to the evolving needs of adventure travelers, ensuring their products can withstand the rigors of off-road exploration while providing the functionality and comfort that users demand.