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RV Camping In East Texas: The 15 Best Spots For Your Trip

Published July 14, 2023

During my time in the Lone Star State, I’ve found few experiences that match the charm of RV camping in East Texas.

This region, rich in natural beauty and teeming with vibrant culture, offers some of the most splendid camping spots for RV enthusiasts like you and me. From serene lakeside retreats to lush forest hideaways, the diverse landscapes of East Texas cater to various camping preferences. 

In this article, we’ll journey together through my top picks for the best spots for RV camping in East Texas, ensuring your trip will be filled with unforgettable memories and the captivating allure of nature. Buckle up, and let’s hit the road!

Here Are The 15 Best Spots For RV Camping In East Texas

Discover the beauty of the Lone Star State with this carefully curated list of the 15 best spots for RV camping in East Texas.

  • Tyler State Park, Tyler
  • Martin Creek Lake State Park, Tatum
  • Atlanta State Park, Atlanta
  • Lake Livingston State Park, Livingston
  • Angelina National Forest, Zavalla
  • Lake Bob Sandlin State Park, Pittsburg
  • Mission Tejas State Park, Grapeland
  • Daingerfield State Park, Daingerfield
  • Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area, Kennard
  • Lake Tawakoni State Park, Wills Point
  • Caddo Lake State Park, Karnack
  • Village Creek State Park, Lumberton
  • Lake o’ the Pines, Jefferson
  • Cooper Lake State Park, Sulphur Springs
  • Huntsville State Park, Huntsville

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Tyler State Park, Tyler

A serene escape nestled in the Piney Woods of East Texas, Tyler State Park offers lush green forests, a sparkling spring-fed lake, and ample wildlife viewing opportunities. This park features over 100 campsites, many equipped with full hookups for your RV. It’s a nature lover’s paradise with hiking, birding, and fishing activities.

Martin Creek Lake State Park, Tatum

Martin Creek Lake State Park provides a blend of tranquility and adventure, perfect for RV campers. The park is known for its year-round fishing, as the power plant keeps the lake warm. Hiking trails and a beach area add to the allure, ensuring a well-rounded outdoor experience.

Atlanta State Park, Atlanta

Situated on the shores of Wright Patman Lake, Atlanta State Park offers a relaxing environment for RV camping. Its spacious sites and easy lake access make it a popular spot for boating, fishing, and picnicking. Birdwatchers will appreciate the varied species found in the park.

Lake Livingston State Park, Livingston

Known for having one of the largest lakes in the state, Lake Livingston State Park is a haven for water activities. There’s no shortage of water-based fun, from fishing to boating, swimming to paddleboarding. The park’s RV-friendly campgrounds provide the perfect base to explore the area.

Angelina National Forest, Zavalla

The diverse landscapes of Angelina National Forest promise a unique RV camping experience. The forest is home to the Sam Rayburn Reservoir, a hotspot for fishing and boating. The RV campsites are spacious and surrounded by nature, offering an ideal mix of comfort and wilderness.

Lake Bob Sandlin State Park, Pittsburg

Tucked away in northeast Texas, Lake Bob Sandlin State Park is a fantastic destination for RV camping. The park provides excellent fishing opportunities and a network of trails for hiking and biking. In the evening, relax by your campfire and enjoy the stunning lake views.

Mission Tejas State Park, Grapeland

As the site of Texas’s first Spanish mission, Mission Tejas State Park combines history with natural beauty. This serene location offers shaded RV sites, fishing ponds, and several hiking trails. It’s a peaceful retreat where nature and history intertwine.

Daingerfield State Park, Daingerfield

Known for its spring-fed lake and vibrant fall colors, Daingerfield State Park is a sight to behold. RV campers will find numerous activities, including boating, fishing, hiking, and picnicking. Its family-friendly atmosphere makes it a great camping destination.

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Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area, Kennard

Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area, located within the Davy Crockett National Forest, offers a serene setting for RV camping. Enjoy a swim in the 45-acre lake, or explore the Four C National Recreation Trail. The area’s rich history and diverse ecosystems create a unique camping experience.

Lake Tawakoni State Park, Wills Point

Famous for its spider lilies and ample fishing, Lake Tawakoni State Park offers a host of outdoor activities. With large campsites accommodating RVs and several miles of hiking trails, this park is a delight for campers seeking a balance of recreation and relaxation.

Caddo Lake State Park, Karnack

Characterized by its enchanting cypress swamp, Caddo Lake State Park offers campers a truly unique experience. The park’s RV-friendly campsites are a short distance from the lake, where you can canoe through the swamp or try your luck fishing. A trip here offers an unforgettable RV camping experience.

Village Creek State Park, Lumberton

Village Creek State Park is a hub for outdoor fun in the Big Thicket region. The park’s namesake, Village Creek, offers opportunities for swimming, fishing, and paddling. It’s a must-visit for RV campers who appreciate a diverse mix of wetlands, forests, and wildlife.

Lake o’ the Pines, Jefferson

This sprawling reservoir provides RV campers with plenty of recreational activities. Lake o’ the Pines is popular for fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing. The park’s many campsites offer beautiful waterfront views, making it a camper’s dream.

Cooper Lake State Park, Sulphur Springs

Known for its rolling hills and beautiful lake views, Cooper Lake State Park is a haven for RV campers. You can enjoy fishing, swimming, hiking, and horseback riding within the park. With full-hookup campsites available, you’ll find everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Huntsville State Park, Huntsville

Just a short drive from Houston, Huntsville State Park offers an oasis of outdoor activities. RV campers can enjoy fishing and boating on Lake Raven, hiking through the piney woods, or spotting local wildlife. Its close proximity to the city and natural beauty make it a popular choice for RV camping.  

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FAQs About RV Camping In East Texas

How long can you RV in a Texas state park?

The duration you can stay while RV camping in East Texas state parks largely depends on the specific park and its rules. As a general rule, Texas state parks allow campers to stay for a maximum of 14 consecutive days during a one-month period. 

However, in non-peak seasons or less crowded parks, this limit can sometimes be extended. It’s best to check directly with the park you’re planning to visit to ensure the most accurate information.

Does Texas allow boondocking?

Yes, Texas is known to be quite friendly towards boondocking, a term referring to camping in an RV without hookups, often in remote locations. When planning to go boondocking while RV camping in East Texas, you’ll want to ensure you know all regulations and rules associated with your chosen location.

 Always respect private property and seek permission when necessary. Public lands, including National Forests, are generally good spots for boondocking, but rules can vary.

What is the best size RV for state parks?

When RV camping in East Texas state parks, the best size RV is typically one that is under 35 feet in length because many state parks have length restrictions due to the size of their camping pads and the maneuverability within the park. 

However, each park is unique, and some parks in East Texas may be able to accommodate larger RVs. It’s always a good idea to check the specific size restrictions of the park you plan to visit to ensure your RV will fit comfortably.

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Final Thoughts

RV camping in East Texas offers an incredible opportunity to connect with nature, explore diverse landscapes, and experience firsthand the unique charm of the Lone Star State. 

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of tranquil lakes, the serenity of lush forests, or the thrill of outdoor recreation, there’s an East Texas camping spot that’s perfect for you. As we’ve journeyed through our list of the best sites for RV camping in the region, one thing is clear — East Texas is a region rich in beauty and brimming with adventure. 

So why wait? Pack up your RV, hit the road, and come see what makes East Texas a gem for RV campers. Safe travels, and happy camping!