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Top 11 Military RV Campgrounds In Florida

Published October 2, 2023

Florida is my home away from home, and so, drawing from my extensive travels, I’ve uncovered some of the top military RV campgrounds in Florida. These military RV campgrounds and parks in Florida not only offer a retreat into nature’s lap but also extend a sense of community and shared experiences. Whether you’re an active-duty service member, a veteran, or a dependent, these military RV campgrounds in Florida promise a fulfilling and refreshing experience, complete with well-maintained amenities and a variety of recreational activities. 

From the sparkling waters of the Gulf Coast to the serene landscapes of Central Florida, each campground extends a unique flavor of the Sunshine State, allowing visitors to explore Florida’s eclectic charm.

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Here Are The Best Military RV Campgrounds In Florida

Each of these military RV campgrounds in Florida is sure to offer a harmonious blend of relaxation, adventure, and a sense of unity. Whether you are looking to explore Florida’s scenic beauty or seeking a sense of belonging with fellow service members, these military RV parks in Florida are the go-to destinations, each offering a unique gateway to explore the multifaceted charm of the Sunshine State.

Patriot Point RV Park

Located near Naval Air Station Pensacola, this is one of the preferred military RV parks in Florida for its proximity to pristine beaches and historic sites, offering a rich experience to its visitors.

Eagle’s Landing RV Park

Situated in Holt, this military RV campground provides a serene environment with well-maintained amenities and is revered for its friendly staff and community feel.

Blue Angel Naval Recreation Area

This expansive area near Pensacola is one of the most versatile military RV campgrounds in Florida, offering various recreational activities, including hiking, fishing, and boating.

Kings Bay RV Park

Nestled in Kings Bay Submarine Base, this park offers a peaceful retreat with well-equipped facilities and is known for its tranquil surroundings.

MacDill AFB FamCamp

Located in Tampa, this campground is one of the sought-after military RV parks in Florida, offering high-quality amenities and proximity to various attractions.

Pelican Roost RV Park

Situated in Mayport Naval Station, Jacksonville, Pelican Roost boasts oceanfront sites and a myriad of recreational activities, making it a popular choice.

Mid Bay Shores Maxwell-Gunter Recreation Area

This Niceville-based military RV campground in Florida is renowned for its beautiful waterfront sites and abundant fishing opportunities.

Camp Robbins RV Park

Found within Eglin AFB, it is one of the well-maintained military RV campgrounds in Florida, offering a variety of amenities and a serene environment.

Uchee Creek Army Campground and Marina

Located in Fort Mitchell, this park offers a stunning blend of woods and water, making it a nature lover’s paradise with a plethora of outdoor activities.

Perdido Cove RV Resort & Marina

Positioned near Pensacola, Perdido Cove offers a premium experience with its high-end amenities and marina services, providing a luxurious stay.

Manatee Cove RV Park

Nestled in Patrick Space Force Base, this is one of the charming military RV parks in Florida, known for its picturesque surroundings and abundant wildlife.

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Who can use military RV campgrounds in Florida?

Military RV campgrounds in Florida are primarily available to active-duty service members, veterans, and their families. 

That being said, specific military RV parks in Florida may have specific eligibility requirements and policies. It’s recommended to check directly with the campground for their specific policies regarding eligibility, reservations, and available amenities to avoid any inconvenience.

Are Florida State Parks free for veterans?

State parks in Florida are not entirely free for all veterans; however, there are significant discounts and provisions in place to honor their service. The Florida Parks Service extends a 25% discount on annual entrance passes to both current and retired service members, allowing them to explore the beauty of the state parks throughout Florida.

Moreover, veterans who have sustained service-related injuries are granted a free lifetime military entrance pass. This benefit is also extended to the surviving spouses and parents of deceased veterans who fell in combat, offering them a free lifetime military entrance pass as well. 

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Final Thoughts

Exploring the wide array of military RV campgrounds in Florida is an enriching experience, intertwining the sense of military unity with the scenic allure of the Sunshine State. 

These campgrounds and parks provide a home away from home for not only service members but also their loved ones as well. Whether it’s the tranquil environments or the array of activities available, these military RV parks in Florida cater to the diverse preferences of the military community, offering well-maintained amenities and a sense of camaraderie. 

So, if you’re part of the military community and are considering a journey through Florida, always remember that these military RV campgrounds and parks stand as welcoming enclaves!