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9 Cheap Long Term RV Parks In Florida

Published September 18, 2023

When I embarked on my quest to find cheap long term RV parks in Florida, I was met with a blend of sun-kissed beaches, verdant palm trees, and the allure of endless summer days. Florida, known as the Sunshine State, attracts many RV enthusiasts, and for good reason. 

That being said, with increasing tourism, it can often be challenging to find affordable places to park your home on wheels. Whether you’re a snowbird looking to escape the winter chill or a full-timer seeking the tropical embrace of the Florida coastline, you’re in luck. 

Join me as I take you on a journey through nine of the best cheap long term RV parks in Florida, offering not just affordability but also fantastic amenities and prime locations. Buckle up, and let’s set our GPS to these pocket-friendly paradises!

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Here Are My Favorite Cheap Long Term RV Parks In Florida That You Have To Visit

Florida’s allure isn’t just in its sun-soaked beaches or endless summer vibes; it’s also home to some of the best cheap long term RV parks in the country. I’ve drawn on my personal experience in the Sunshine State to curate a list of the top nine cheap long term RV parks in Florida that promise affordability without compromising on the quintessential Floridian experience.

Sunset Paradise RV Park, Tampa

Nestled in the heart of Tampa, Sunset Paradise offers RV enthusiasts a blend of urban convenience and serene nature escapes. Besides its affordability, this RV park boasts modern amenities and is just a short drive away from the Gulf Coast beaches.

Everglades Isle Motorcoach Retreat, Everglades City

A hidden gem located in the mystical Everglades, this RV park promises a close encounter with Florida’s unique wetlands. Known for its peaceful surroundings and top-notch facilities, it’s a steal for those seeking long term stays.

Tropical Gardens RV Park, Bradenton

Positioned amidst the lush landscapes of Bradenton, Tropical Gardens promises a relaxing retreat. Renowned for its friendly community and proximity to popular beaches, it stands as one of the favorite cheap long term RV parks in Florida.

Lakeside Retreat RV Park, Orlando

For those wishing to be near the entertainment capital of Florida, Lakeside Retreat is perfect. Apart from affordable rates, it offers excellent facilities and is just a stone’s throw away from Orlando’s theme parks.

Seaside Breeze RV Resort, Daytona Beach

Experience the magic of the Atlantic coast at Seaside Breeze. Apart from its competitive rates, it offers direct beach access and a variety of recreational activities for its visitors.

Palm Haven RV Park, Fort Myers

Perfect for those in search of a tranquil sanctuary, Palm Haven offers abundant green spaces and modern facilities. Its location in Fort Myers makes it a gateway to explore the beautiful Gulf Coast.

Keys Palms RV Resort, Key Largo

Get a taste of the Florida Keys without breaking the bank at Keys Palms. Famous for its waterfront views and fishing opportunities, it remains one of the top cheap long term RV parks in Florida.

River’s Edge RV Campground, Holt

Situated along the serene banks of the Yellow River, River’s Edge promises a relaxing stay amidst nature. With fishing, canoeing, and nature trails, it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.

Gulf Coast RV Resort, Clearwater

Located in the vibrant city of Clearwater, this RV park promises the best of both worlds: city conveniences and beachfront relaxation. It is a favorite for those looking for affordable stays while exploring the Gulf Coast.

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How much are RV parks monthly in Florida?

The cost of staying at an RV park in Florida can vary greatly depending on the location, amenities, and the time of year. Generally, the monthly rates for cheap long term RV parks in Florida can range from $300 to $1,000 or more. 

While some of the more luxurious or beachfront locations might command higher rates, there are plenty of affordable options available for those seeking cheap long term RV parks in Florida. Always remember to inquire about additional costs, such as electricity or other utility fees, when considering monthly rates.

How much is an RV lot in Florida?

Purchasing an RV lot in Florida is an investment that many choose to make, especially if they’re frequent visitors to the Sunshine State. The price of an RV lot, just like the rental rates, can vary based on its location, size, and the amenities offered within the park. Typically, lots in less touristy areas or in the interior parts of the state can be more affordable. 

On average, the prices for an RV lot in some of the cheap long term RV parks in Florida can start as low as $20,000 and can go up to $100,000 or more for premium locations with upscale amenities. It’s essential to do thorough research and maybe even consider consulting with a realtor familiar with RV properties in Florida to find the best deals.

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Final Thoughts

Florida’s allure is undeniable. From its sun-kissed beaches to its vibrant cities and unique natural landscapes, the Sunshine State beckons travelers from all corners of the world. However, what truly sets Florida apart is the abundance of opportunities it offers for affordable long-term stays. 

The variety and richness of cheap long term RV parks in Florida ensure that every traveler, whether on a tight budget or looking for a more extended retreat, can find their ideal spot under the Floridian sun. By choosing one of these cheap long term RV parks in Florida, visitors can not only save money but also immerse themselves in a community of like-minded adventurers, all while exploring the diverse beauty Florida has to offer.