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Texas RV Resorts With Pools And Other Premium Amenities

Published July 26, 2023

As a seasoned traveler, I’ve come to realize that Texas RV resorts with pools are often the most indulgent, comfortable, and memorable destinations on any road trip. For those who relish the RV lifestyle but still crave a touch of luxury, these resorts offer the perfect balance of adventure and indulgence.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a deep dive into Texas RV resorts with pools, shining a spotlight on those that offer an array of luxury amenities. We’ll explore opulent resorts that go above and beyond, providing not just a parking spot for your RV but an immersive, high-end experience. 

From refreshing pools to on-site spas, golf courses, gourmet dining, and more, these resorts offer a lifestyle of comfort and convenience against the backdrop of Texas’ vast and varied landscapes. Get ready to experience the Lone Star state like never before, surrounded by the luxury and amenities that these Texas RV resorts with pools have to offer.

15 Awesome Texas RV Resorts With Pools And Other Luxury Amenities

When it comes to Texas RV resorts with pools, a world of comfort and convenience awaits. From resorts offering expansive swimming complexes to those with tranquil poolside retreats, there’s a wide range of options to suit every taste. Let’s dive into the top-rated resorts that promise a luxurious stay in the heart of Texas.

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Oasis RV Resort, Amarillo

A fitting namesake, Oasis RV Resort offers guests a luxurious stay with an expansive swimming pool and hot tub. Other amenities include an adult-only spa, fitness center, and modern game room, creating a luxury experience among Texas RV resorts with pools.

Rayford Crossing RV Resort, Spring

Located near Houston, Rayford Crossing offers an impressive pool, complete with a waterfall and a hot tub. The resort also provides a well-equipped fitness center, a stocked fishing lake, and scheduled activities to enhance your stay.

Buckhorn Lake RV Resort, Kerrville

Buckhorn Lake RV Resort offers a heated indoor pool, perfect for year-round relaxation. Its top-tier amenities, like a dog park, a fully-equipped gym, and an 8,000-square-foot clubhouse, make it one of the premier Texas RV resorts with pools.

La Hacienda RV Resort, Austin

Just outside of Austin, La Hacienda RV Resort boasts a luxurious pool and hot tub. Its array of amenities, including a fitness center, dog parks, and a movie theater, further enhances its reputation among Texas RV resorts with pools.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort, Canton

This resort features two stunning pools, one for families and one for adults only. Mill Creek Ranch Resort also provides a range of upscale amenities like stocked fishing ponds, nature trails, and a resort-style clubhouse.

Jellystone Park Hill Country, Canyon Lake

Famous for its water zone featuring pools and waterslides, Jellystone Park offers fun for all ages. With mini-golf, a laser tag arena, and themed weekends, it stands out among Texas RV resorts with pools for family-friendly fun.

The Vineyards Campground & Cabins, Grapevine

The Vineyards offers a large pool for guests to enjoy, surrounded by a park-like setting. With its close proximity to a lake, full hook-up sites, and nature trails, it sets a high standard for Texas RV resorts with pools.

Llano Grande Lake Park Resort, Mercedes

Known for its large heated pools and hot tubs, Llano Grande Lake Park Resort combines luxury with a sense of community. It offers numerous amenities, such as golf courses, shuffleboard courts, and a well-stocked library.

Stonewall Motor Lodge, Stonewall

Stonewall Motor Lodge features a relaxing pool area, making it a perfect retreat after a day of wine tasting in nearby vineyards. Its combination of vintage charm and modern amenities makes it a unique choice among Texas RV resorts with pools.

Jamaica Beach RV Resort, Galveston

With a beachfront location, Jamaica Beach offers two pools, a lazy river, and a hot tub. Its extensive amenities, like mini-golf and an outdoor movie theater, set it apart from other Texas RV resorts with pools.

Destiny Dallas RV Resort, Denton

Destiny Dallas offers a large swimming pool and hot tub along with an array of amenities such as a fishing lake, hiking trails, and a game room, providing a well-rounded experience among Texas RV resorts with pools.

Sunset Point on Lake LBJ, Marble Falls

Offering panoramic lake views, Sunset Point has a beautiful swimming pool for guests to enjoy. Its full hook-up sites, modern laundry facilities, and peaceful environment make it an appealing choice among Texas RV resorts with pools.

South Padre Island KOA, South Padre Island

This beachfront resort features a pool and hot tub with a stunning view of Laguna Madre Bay. With its range of amenities, including a dog park and fitness center, it is a top choice among Texas RV resorts with pools.

Hidden Lake RV Resort, Beaumont

Hidden Lake features a large, resort-style pool alongside a peaceful lake. Its additional amenities, such as fishing docks, a game room, and full-service pull-thru sites, secure its place among the top Texas RV resorts with pools.

Lakeview RV Resort, Houston

Situated in Houston, Lakeview RV Resort offers a beautiful pool and hot tub. The resort also boasts a private lake for fishing, a fitness center, and high-speed Wi-Fi, making it one of the top-rated Texas RV resorts with pools.

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Why are RVs cheaper in Texas?

RVs are often cheaper in Texas due to a combination of factors, including the state’s lower cost of living, competitive market, and lack of a statewide property tax. Texas is home to numerous RV manufacturers and dealers, creating a competitive market that drives down prices. 

Additionally, many Texas RV resorts with pools and other amenities offer affordable rates, making the overall cost of RVing in Texas more attractive compared to many other states.

Can you live in an RV full-time in Texas?

Absolutely, you can live in an RV full-time in Texas. In fact, the Lone Star State is often considered one of the best states for full-time RV living due to its mild winters, diverse landscapes, and abundance of RV-friendly parks and campgrounds. 

Texas RV resorts with pools and other luxury amenities make full-time RV living particularly appealing, offering comfort, convenience, and a strong sense of community. However, as with any state, it’s important to understand and comply with any local ordinances or park rules that might apply to full-time RV living.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing to stay at Texas RV resorts with pools offers an enriching experience that blends the freedom of the open road with the luxury and comfort of resort-style living. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly environment, a serene adults-only retreat, or a nature-centric escape, these resorts offer a variety of experiences that cater to every kind of RVer. 

Pack your swimwear, fire up your RV, and get ready to dive into the splendors that Texas RV resorts with pools have to offer!