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Great Outdoor Activity In Michigan

If you are planning for camping, road trip, or exploring the beautiful city attractions, the RV rental Michigan can make the entire process simple, easy, and fun. An excellent way of exploring the city is renting an RV. By renting a travel trailer, you can explore all the city attractions, get close to nature, and even spend time under the stars.

For connecting with the local area, an excellent medium is RV. The RV parks in Michigan offer your RV accommodation facilities. Thus don’t worry about where you will stay and keep your RV. Just relax and enjoy your trip.

Popular RV Destinations In Michigan

Michigan is a perfect vacation place, rich in history, art & culture, and fantastic tourist attractions. Rent an RV to explore this city, and don’t forget to take note of the best RV campgrounds in Michigan. Also, do a little research on what attractions this city and RV campsites offer.

Otter Creek in Michigan is known as Esch beach. On the Lake Michigan shore, this beach is located in the town of Empire. The stunning beauty of this beach makes it attractive to RVers and visitors. If you want to explore and enjoy your vacation in a quiet place, then the best option is this beach in Michigan.

Each beach is uncrowded, and it will give you exceptional aesthetical pleasure. Moreover, for swimming, this place is an excellent option. You will really enjoy swimming in its warm waters. Another attractive place in this city is Mackinac Island.

Mackinac Island is situated between Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas in the Lake Huron water. You can enjoy time on this Island by doing lots of things like horse-drawn carriage rides, hiking & sightseeing. Moreover, this Island’s colossal tourist attraction is the historical military base.

At the Lake Superior south shore, the famous landmark is the Pictured Rocks National Seashore. This lake gets its name from the multicolored rock’s pristine beauty. However, this Rocks National Seashore not only contains an attractive shoreline but also it contains a massive forest. Also, near the shoreline, you will see plenty of lakes. For your RV rental Michigan, this place is undoubtedly an excellent destination and good camping spot.

If you want to get an incredible experience, you should visit the Detroit Zoo in Michigan. This zoo is located in one of the most historic cities in Michigan. This zoo is a travel staple in Michigan; plenty of animals are available to see here.

In the Dearborn Suburb just outside of Detroit, the Henry Ford museum is located. This is a historical museum, and it features different outdoor and indoor components. A wide array of artifacts and historical exhibits are available in this place. Annually this museum draws tourists of more than one and half million. Thus undoubtedly, it is one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions.

Hiawatha National Forest is another expansive forest located on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and its area is approximately 90000 acres. The Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Lake Michigan around this forest have the shoreline also. This park and the National Forest have plenty of areas where you can enjoy a great time.

Another historical tourist attraction in Michigan is the Keweenaw Peninsula. And it is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan North. This is the site of America’s first copper born, so this place is very famous. These visiting places offer different great outdoor activities to the visitors, including historic mining sites, lighthouses, etc.

Michigan offers plenty of attractions for visitors. And the above are a few examples of which RVers will have a great time. Whether you want to visit the historic sites or beautiful forests, the RV rental could be the best way to travel across this city.

RV Parks In Michigan

From a Chippewa word, the Michigan name comes, and the meaning of it is the “Large Lake” or “Large Water.” For the Great Lake region, this city is very famous. But there are also several noteworthy RV Parks in this city where you can travel with your travel trailer or motorhome.

By renting an RV, you can explore Michigan’s shoreline of 3,000 miles and 19 acres of forest in this city. Several RV parks, campgrounds, and natural and cultural attractions in this city annually draw huge tourists of more than 100 million.

Some of the unique places where you can enjoy scenic rides are the Tunnel of Trees, Detroit Institute of Arts, picturesque Mackinac Island, and the Henry Ford attractions. One of the popular options for exploring Michigan is renting an RV. Whatever this city offers, you can enjoy everything by traveling in a motorhome or camper.

Below we listed some of the tremendous long term RV parks in Michigan where you can stay with your recreational vehicle. Those are:

  • White River RV park & Campground
  • Wolverine campground
  • Harbortown RV resort
  • City of Houghton RV park
  • Holland state park beach campground
  • Hideaway RV park
  • Tahquamenon falls state park camping

The Harbortown RV resort is located on Lake Erie between Detroit and Toledo. If you want to explore the River Raisin Battlefield and the Henry Ford Museum, then the Harbortown RV resort is a great place to stay. The available hookups on this site are the free Wi-Fi, 30, 20, and 50-volt electric hookups, and cable TV.

Another family-owned RV park is the Lake Shore RV Resort and Campground. This park is located on the Upper Peninsula on the Straits of Mackinac’s northern side. This site features different amenities like showers, Wi-Fi, restrooms, RV supplies, sewer and water hoses, etc.

If you want to visit the Mackinac Island, this place is undoubtedly a good option. Also, while staying at this RV Park, you can visit the Lake Snowmobile Museum and the Garlyn Zoological Park. Also, if you have enough time in hand, you can explore the shoreline of Lake Huron and the archipelago of Islands.

Unique Things To Do In Michigan

If you don’t want to miss the chance to explore and experience unique things, you should visit Michigan must. You can swim in Esch Road Beach’s beautiful swimming spot in Lake Michigan. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the state, and wildflowers make this spot more attractive. The lake wave’s action makes this lake unique because the waves tell you whether water is flowing south or north.

Your child will definitely love to play in the water of Otter Creek. This spot is very pretty, and the coastal dunes surround this area. Another option to explore is Lake Huron Mackinac Island, whose area is only 4 square miles. But it is another popular destination in Michigan, and you can do lots of things here.

This Mackinac Island is 100% car-free, and from Detroit, this area is easily accessible. So for making the trip to this Island, you require to leave your car or RV at the campgrounds. Mackinac Island’s only transportation modes are horses and bikes.

All these transportation methods make your journey more accessible, and you can visit this place in a relaxing mode. The other features of these islands are the 70 miles of trails, family-run oldest grocery stores and the famous Mackinac Island Fudge.

On the south shore of Lake Superior, you will find different stunning multicolored rocks. Due to these spectacular multicolored rocks, this park got the charming name Pictured Rocks National Seashore. This area contains other things also such as beaches of 12 miles, sandstone cliff of 15 miles and giant sand dunes of 5 miles. Also, a long forest is available here that you can explore.

However, in Pictured Rocks National Seashore Park, you can explore the photograph of wilder flowers and trails of 100 miles. Also here you can do other things such as planning for a picnic, going bird watching and relaxing on the boat.

Year-round, this National Seashore Park remains open. So whenever you visit this park during the year, you will enjoy its beauty. However, in winter, this park offers more unique things to do, such as snowmobiling, cross–country skiing, and ice fishing.

Another place to visit in Michigan is the Keweenaw Peninsula. On Lake Superior’s Upper Peninsula, this park is located. For the remote wilderness, this location is well known. The Isle Royale National Park near this Upper Peninsula is the home of wolves, moose, and different wildlife. However, the Keweenaw National Historical Park, and other secluded beaches are also available here.

The Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan is a paradise for outdoor lovers. A variety of biking, hiking, and ATV trails are also available here. This place is excellent for fishing, skiing, bird watching, kayaking, and snowmobiling. The other attractions include in it are the lighthouses, Country Trail National Byway, waterfalls, and ghost towns.