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Great Outdoor Activities In Seattle

The best option for a road trip in Seattle is the RV rental in Seattle. Comparing Seattle’s major RV rental brands, you can rent different types of RVs, from large luxury motorhomes to cheaper vans. Seattle is an exciting seaport city, and it is always well-organized to welcome you to adore the adventure here.

You can land in the Pacific Northwest’s largest city’s heart by renting an RV. You can trip to the famous space needle Seattle. At the Mississippi River’s west, this is the tallest structure. Standing in Space Needle, you can enjoy the gorgeous mountain landscape of this area and its stunning views.

However, you should also visit the city’s Pike Place Market. This market offers you to taste Seattle’s local cuisine, great seafood, and regional artisan’s unique souvenirs. The happening music history of this city is also very well-known, and it is the local hub for rock music and jazz clubs.

The RV camping in Seattle offers you to enjoy everything from sports arenas and parks to art galleries and museums. Seattle could be the perfect destination for your upcoming RV camping getaway.

Exploring Great Outdoors In Seattle

There are different tourist attractions in Seattle, so once you visit this city, you will not feel the lack of entertainment here. After renting an RV, you can first visit Mount Rainier National Park. In the Lower 48, the most glaciated peak is this Mount Rainier, and it is located 14,410 feet above sea level.

Six major rivers surround this mountain, and those rivers flow around it. Ancient forests and gorgeous subalpine wildflower meadows are included in this luscious landscape. For nature lover campers, this National Park is an oasis, and from Seattle, you can reach this park by driving for 2 hours. This park offers you to do lots of entertaining activities, including biking, hiking, boating, climbing, and fishing.

Again just by driving two hours to Seattle’s west, you will get another iconic entertainment center, and that is the Pacific Northwest. Vast wilderness in a million acres is available at the Olympic National Park. Whatever you want, from the snow-capped mountains to the lush forests, you will get everything in this park.

Moreover, a stunning natural backdrop is also surrounded by this Olympic National Park. By hiking, backpacking, or climbing, you can explore the beauty of this idyllic setting. Just get out on the park’s lake water if you want to enjoy and explore boating, kayaking, and fishing in a peaceful landscape. Moreover, unlike the country anywhere else, you can enjoy the breathtaking starry skies views in Seattle.

RV Parks Seattle Washington

Finding the RV campgrounds in Seattle Washington is not challenging, and it’s effortless. The Tacoma KOA is in Kent; this place is just a minute away from downtown Seattle. Start your day in the beautiful city with a hot breakfast and then run through the paved trails RV campground through hiking or biking.

Conveniently the camp kitchen and snack bar are located on the site. Also, by swimming or fishing at the pool, you can enjoy a perfect and relaxing afternoon. Around Seattle city, you will get plenty of gas stations and shopping centers.

The long term RV parks Seattle offers you to enjoy and explore the entire city. The Bothell’s Lake Pleasant RV Park is the best option for lakefront RV camping. This park provides a tranquil setting for RVers. This park is rig friendly and full of different amenities and facilities. The complete hook-up system is available in this park, including the nature trails, wireless internet, and fishing sites.

Near Seattle, another place to camp is the Trailer Inns RV Park in Bellevue. This park features Mount Rainier views. You will get all the facilities and full hook-up in this park, including the cable TV, internet, and swimming pool.

Getting Around The Seattle City

Seattle is an RV-friendly locale, and you can easily explore the city by renting a travel trailer or motorhome in Seattle. Several transportation systems are available for serving the city and its entire area, including the King County Metro Transit, Two Public transportation systems, and Sound Transit. Around the Seattle region, all these transportation systems offer rail and bus routes.

To get from the city’s downtown district and from the Lower Queen Anne Neighborhood, one of the best convenient ways is the Seattle center monorail. For exploring the city area, another excellent way is biking. Biking allows you to explore the suburbs and the city following the car-free pathways.

With the RV rental Seattle, you can get the front-row seat at the city’s best events and festivals in the Pacific Northwest. However, you must check out the International Film Festival in Seattle in May and June. More than 300 films have been shown at the International Film Festival event in Seattle. And in October, Seattle arranged the Antiquarian Book Festival. So the book lover should not miss this event.

The Seattle Antiquarian Book Festival event features different photographs, books, and other international exhibitors’ unique collectibles. By visiting the Ballard Jazz festival, the Jazz fan will surely enjoy it. The Ballard Jazz Festival is held in May, and the musical bonanza presents world-class and best live jazz entertainment for a whole week.

After closing all these festivities, you should visit the city to explore the best and most fantastic attractions in Seattle. Some of the attractions are the museum of pop culture Seattle, RV Parks, and the pacific science center Seattle. The Pacific Science Center arranges different interactive and fun activities, and your kids and families will surely appreciate these activities.

The visitors can stroll through the butterfly habitat, stop by the planetarium center, or at the IMAX Theater, they can enjoy a show. While you are still in the town, you can also check out the beauty of other museums, including the expansive Museum of Flight, Seattle Art Museum, and the captivating Chihuly garden and glass.

On Puget Sound, take a boat tour to enjoy and experience the tranquil sound of the sea. However, you can also head towards the Washington State Ferries and its nearby neighborhood destinations. Some of the nearby destinations include the Anacortes, Barn Bridge Island, and Port Townsend. For an adventure trip, the rental rig is enough.

However, before starting the city exploring journey, you should check the vehicle transport options details on the ferry routes. Though exploring the ocean-based options, don’t stop if you visit the city by vehicle or road transport. Around the coast’s various spots, you can take a whale-watching tour. Also for enjoying the relaxing time you can enjoy the dinner cruises. The dinner cruises will take you to the stunning scenery away from the sound.

Unique Things To Do In Seattle

Seattle has been the living place and home to humans for thousands of years. Native Americans are the first habitat in Seattle. Before arriving the European settlers in this city, the Native Americans reached in Seattle over 4,000 years ago. The primary industry in Seattle is the logging, commercial building, and shipping industry.

Today the world’s one of the major economic hubs is Seattle, and it offers you plenty of things to do here. The city has become a tech hub over time, and Seattle’s music industry is unforgettable and unbeatable. Many best things are waiting for you in Seattle to explore.

Seattle is one of the major metropolises, so you can explore many different things here, including the multiple genres of live music, world-class shopping, and other unique foods. It is the top music city in the world, so you can also explore the world’s best tunes here. Also, here you can explore the world’s most pristine rainforests. Don’t forget to check the Space Needle when you are there.

So, now you learned a lot about Seattle city. Plan an itinerary, pack up your gear and rent an RV, travel trailer, or motorhome to explore the city.

Renting an RV in Seattle, Washington

When visiting Seattle, Washington, there is no doubt you will have a plethora of places to visit, and what better way than with our guide to renting an RV in Seattle. In Seattle, you will find a lot of campgrounds for your RV. In the Seattle Center, you can visit the Space Needle observation tower and Key Arena, if you’re a fan of basketball.

One of the iconic landmarks of Seattle is Chihuly Garden & Glass museum, the towering glass sculptures change color during the day; throughout the night they are filled with different lights. Filled with natural beauty, Seattle offers a lot of outdoor activities, like biking, hiking, and boating.