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Best RV Inverters for Your RV & Camper

Updated October 2, 2022

- By Tim Harris

You can certainly enjoy an adventurous time while travelling on your RV if you have an adequate power supply in it. However, your RV requires a constant and flawless electricity supply so that you can enjoy your adventure thoroughly. So here comes the need for the best RV inverter, which will ensure proper power supply to all the RV appliances.

Your RV can convert the alternating current to direct current and vice versa with the help of inverter technology. Having an inverter in your RV is essential as different electronic devices in your RV require an extra level of current for efficient operation. Thus you should have the best inverter which can easily maintain the RV device’s electricity requirements.


Importance of RV Inverters

Usually, the RV owners overlook the inverter issue in their rig. But it’s a vital technology part that serves many purposes. The RV inverter comes into use when the rig is disconnected from the AC electrical connection. The inverter ensures stable AC output in your RV by converting the RV battery bank’s DC input. Inverter in your RV is crucial as it ensures the smooth running of your RV’s electrical appliances.

However, only the best RV inverters can serve all your needs perfectly. Thus, here in this article, we organized the best 5 RV inverters details. This guide will definitely help you to understand the RV inverter’s basic. And it will help you to pick the best inverter model for your RV. Let’s start:


Best RV Inverter for Your RV & Camper

Based on different categories, we pick the 5 best inverter options for your RV. We define these inverters as best based on its specifications, use, features, and user reviews. So let’s dive into it.

First, quickly look at the 5 best RV converters and inverters. These are the following:

  • AIMS Power 2000 Watt Pure Sine RV Inverter: Best Overall 
  • WZRELB Reliable 3000W Wave Solar Power Inverter: Best for Solar Setups
  • Grandel 3000W Heavy Power Inverter with Solar Controller: Best for Solar Power System
  • GoWise Power PS1004 Inverter: Best for Motorhome and Mid-size Travel Trailers 
  • Xantrex Inverter: Best for Protecting Battery

Now let’s discuss the details of each inverter.


1. AIMS Power 2000 Watt Pure Sine RV Inverter

If you need a massive supply of power continuously and high-level protection against electronic surges, you should have this AIMS Power RV inverter. This RV inverter is designed to handle starting watts up to 4,000 and running watts up to 2,000.

These RV power inverters ensure consistent and clean electricity flow to the appliances and outlets from the RV battery. It supplies power to those RV appliances which requires AC (Alternating current). Moreover, this inverter hosts various potential problems and ensures protection against the following:

  • High and low voltage
  • Overheating
  • Overload
  • Short circuits etc

If your RV is disconnected from a power stand, its continuous power demand will not cross much more than 2,000 watts. This AIMS Power RV inverter can meet that requirement. However, for all the RV devices, this inverter ensures enough and adequate power. The noteworthy pros and cons of this inverter are the following:

  • This inverter will provide ample power to the RV’s electronic appliances.
  • Its soft start technology ensures huge protection against electrical surges.

  • The AIMS Power inverter has short circuit protection, overload and overheats protection features and many more.

  • This inverter has two GFCI outlets with 20 amps and a vital USB port.

  • A built-in charger is not available in this inverter.


Best RV inverter


2. WZRELB Reliable 3000W Wave Solar Power Inverter

Are you searching for the best inverter for your RV which can significantly improve your RV’s solar power capacity? If yes, then this inverter is the best option for you. This is one of the best inverters for RV, and it dramatically helps to improve the RV’s solar capacity.

This inverter is designed to handle up to 6000 constant watts and running watts up to 3000. This inverter’s side includes 2 different GFCI outlets of 120 volts. However, this product is available in various models. The model’s capacity varies based on the DC input voltage, such as 12, 24 or 48.

PCB’s additional 2-millimetre thickness is another noteworthy feature of this WZRELB Reliable inverter. This feature significantly improves the inverter’s overall loading capacity. However, the inverter’s inbuilt protection feature protects your RV’s electrical appliances against high voltage. When it senses overflowing voltage, it cuts off the power and rings an alarm. The pros and cons of it are the following:

  • Protect against over electricity, voltage and overload.
  • The silent cooling system ensures protection against the inverter’s overheating.

  • This inverter can easily handle high surge wattage or peak watts up to 6,000.

  • The high-frequency transformer of this inverter provides stable and full AC output coverage.

  • This inverter is appropriate or perfect only for solar setups. It could be beneficial for some RV users but not for all.


3. Grandel 3000W Heavy Power Inverter with Solar Controller

Nowadays, RVers prefer to go with the solar power inverter more than anything else. However, the Grandel power inverter has an in-built solar controller, which ensures the smooth running of RV systems.

So, if you are looking for a solar power system with which you can complete lots of work and road trips, then this one is for you. However, the mentionable pros and cons of this inverter are the following:

  • Available remote control option.
  • The inverter has an in-built cooling fan.

  • Supply powers to RV’s different appliances simultaneously.

  • Durable and long-lasting aluminum alloy.

  • Directly the inverter and solar panels are connected.

  • This inverter can’t easily read the digital display.
  • Compared to another traditional RV inverter, this one is heavier and comes in extra size.

  • Customized sine wave.


4. GoWise Power PS1004 Inverter

This is another best power inverter for camping, and it could serve the best purpose of your RV. The GoWise Power inverter from your RV house batteries supplies massive current to all RV appliances. In addition, the LED light indicators and compact structure make it easy to use and user-friendly.

Efficiently this inverter supplies flawless power to all the RV appliances. Moreover, during power supply, it doesn’t suffer from any weakness or distortion. However, this inverter for the RV appliances protects 5 different modes. It consists of 2 fans for cooling it, and the fans prevent the inverter’s overheating or overloading. The pros and Cons of this RV inverter are the following:

  • Lightweight and small in size.
  • Available USB Port.

  • Pure sine wave.

  • Long-lasting and durable construction.

  • This inverter has enough battery, which ensures all RV appliance’s smooth operation.

  • Protection against power surge up to 6000 watts and continuous power up to 3000 watts.

  • Safety protections are available in 5 different modes.

  • The power of this inverter may not be adequate to operate the RV air conditioners.
  • Remote issue.


5. Xantrex Inverter

If you are looking for massive protection for the deep cycle batteries of your RV, then you should choose this inverter. The deep cycle batteries of the RV can get easy optimal recharge from this inverter. In addition, the temperature control battery charging feature ensures optimal battery recharge.

The automatic turn off feature of this inverter protects it from unexpected, and major damage. It automatically shuts down when it detects or senses short circuits, excessive temperatures, overloading, overheating, or other electrical problems. Thus this feature saves the inverter from massive damage by shutting off automatically.

Again, this inverter’s power-sharing trait prevents its damage by preventing the tripping AC input breaker. This inverter provides an essential remote control to turn it on or off. However, the basic pros and cons of it are the following:

  • The batteries get optimal recharge opportunities because of its temperature control recharging feature.
  • Inverter’s automatic turn-off features ensure safety for it from overheating, overloading, or other issues.

  • The equalization stage and temperature compensation ensure the safety of deep cycle batteries.

  • This inverter comes with remote control and essential system maintenance and monitoring features.

  • Sometimes creates remote issues



Hopefully, the above article was informative enough, and now you know the details of the best RV inverter. Depending on several factors, such as the inverter’s applications, how you would plan to use it etc, you will now choose the best inverter for yourself. Several RV inverters are available on the market. But spending money randomly on any of them will not make sense.

For example, it would be a pure waste of money if you brought an RV inverter with a high wattage supply, but you don’t require this much power. Similarly, you will not get enough energy if you buy an undersized RV inverter. Thus before buying the RV inverters, you should focus on your needs and other factors and purchase the best one from the above list.

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