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How to Fix a Clogged RV Toilet

Updated May 1, 2023

A clogged RV toilet never happens at any specific time. But you can prepare now so you can fix a clogged RV toilet if it ever gets clogged in the future. 

We have discussed different ways of fixing clogged RV toilets so you can take action at the right time. In addition, we have given some tips to prevent future RV toilet blocks. 

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Scroll down to learn the correct way of fixing RV-clogged toilets. 

How to Fix a Clogged RV Toilet?

Commonly there are four reasons why your toilet must be clogged, i.e., you have a pyramid plug, a blocked line, the tank is clogged with compact waste, or your sensor is reading full. 

You can follow the given tips carefully to fix this issue. Also, have another person to help you with this work. Then, once your toilet is unclogged, you can go around to do your usual business. 

#1 Use a Plunger 

A plunger is a traditional and most common way to unclog an RV toilet. This method works, but it’s not always effective. 

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The plunger’s suction can only unclog the toilet if the clog is around the top. But you should not use a plunger if the clog is deeper in the tank. 

#2 Use a Plumber’s Snake 

You can use a flexible plumber’s snake to clog out the RV toilet. But if the clog is severe, this method might not be effective. 

Remember that using a plumber’s snake can be messy. Therefore, you must ask someone to help you with the work. 

plumbers snake for clogged rv toilet

To use this method, you need a bendable plumber’s snake, eye protection, a bucket, disposable clothing, and disposable gloves. After collecting the required items, you can unclog the toilet. 

#3 Use Boiling Water 

If the moisture level drops in the tank, it can also clog the toilet. So, boiling water should break up the material clogging your RV toilet. 

As hot water is more aggressive in liquefying waste, it breaks the material apart that is clogging the toilet. 

Boil water and add it directly into the RV toilet. Then flush the toilet so the hot water can enter the tank and sit there for a few hours. You can also pour the boiling water into the tank. 

But it’s better to pour the boiling water into the toilet as it allows you to clean the entire system. Then, after a few hours, if you still have a clogged toilet, you can add more boiling water. 

#4 Use the Ice Cube Method 

You can use the ice cube method instead of the boiling water method, as both works the same. To use this method, you must fill 1/3 of your toilet with water and add as many ice cubes as possible. 

Once added, flush the toilet and continue flushing the toilet while you drive your RV around. If your toilet is still clogged, add more ice and water. 

#5 Dealership 

If none of these methods seem to work, you can take your RV to the dealership for cleaning. They use high-pressure wands to break the clogged material so it can easily pass. Professional cleaning services will cost you around $100 to $200. 

How to Prevent RV Toilet Clog 

You can do a few things to prevent toilet clogging from happening in the first place. Remembering these tips and making them a part of your RVing life can help you avoid nasty toilet clogs. 

Keep the Back Water Tank Valve Closed 

If you want to avoid clogs, especially pyramid plugs, you must keep the back water tank valve closed. When you do this, the solid waste can mix and slosh around. The liquid easily breaks down waste, preventing clogs.

But when you keep the back water tank valve open, the water and waste can easily flow into the sewer line. As the water drains much faster, the solids will be left sitting in the tank.  

Since the tank is flat at the bottom, the solids might likely get trapped when there is insufficient liquid to drain them. As a result, your toilet will be clogged. 

Use More Water for Flushing 

The waste and toilet paper in the tank keep moving into the sewer through the water. But your toilet will be clogged if you use less water to flush the solid waste. So, it’s better to flush the toilet twice after each use. 

Use the Correct Toilet Paper 

If you are not using the right toilet paper, it can significantly cause issues. Your toilet paper needs to be septic-safe so it does not clog your septic system. 

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What you can do is search for toilet papers that are labeled as “septic safe.” Thicker toilet papers are not good for RV septic systems. Also, you must avoid flushing wipes as they won’t break down and might clog the toilet. 

Use Drop-In RV Toilet Cleaners 

You can use drop-in RV toilet cleaners to keep your toilet clean. Pick one that is septic-safe. Blue max drop, probe cleaner, or tissue digester are the best options. Before using the drop-in cleaner, read the instructions and follow what’s advised. 

Perform Regular Deep Cleaning 

Regular tank deep cleaning will allow you to eliminate the waste because it starts to settle down. You can clean the tank at the start and end of the camping season.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently must you empty the RV black tank?

The camping RV toilet has an indicator that tells when you must empty the waste. But ideally, you must empty the RV black tank every 3 days.  

Can you flush toilet paper in RV toilets?

RV toilets can handle toilet paper flushing. But you must try to use RV-safe toilet paper so it doesn’t get trapped and clog the toilet. 


Cleaning a clogged toilet is never fun, as it can ruin your camping excitement. But thankfully, you can follow the tips mentioned in this post to avoid nasty toilet clogs. 

And if you ever encounter toilet clogs, you can try one of the suggested tips to fix the clogged RV toilet.

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We hope you found this post informative. If you have faced an RV clogged toilet issue, tell us about it in the comment below.