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Best Portable Air Compressor for RV Tires

Updated October 2, 2022

- By Tim Harris

Your recreational vehicle’s one of the most inevitable and important parts is its tiers. While your RV is travelling on the road, the tiers are the only thing that stands between the road and you. This is why having the best portable air compressor for RV tires is crucial. The best 12v air compressor ensures the RV tiers optimal level smooth running.

The RV’s weight is much more than the Sedan or regular SUV. Thus inflating the RV’s tires at the appropriate levels is essential for having a perfect and comfortable ride. The best air compressor for RV tires helps to extend the tiers at the proper levels.

As the tire pressure of your RV can decrease at any time, especially at night thus, the good idea is to carry a compressor for the RV. However, if you look for the best RV tire air compressor, you will get thousands of options. But the problem is not all are best or up to the mark. Thus, here in this writing, we discussed the best air compressor for RV.


So let’s dive into the discussion:

Best Portable Air Compressor for RV Tires

Here in this section, we will discuss the five best 12v air compressors. All these air compressors offer you unique features and benefits. Let’s discuss the details of each.

  • Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor – Best Overall 
  • Asian Portable Double Cylinder Air Compressor – Best Onboard Compressor
  • GSPSCN Silver Dual Cylinder 12V Air Compressor – Best Off-Road Compressor 
  • TireWell 12V Tire Inflator – Best 12 Volt Portable Compressor 
  • Nasser Air Compressor – Best portable 


1. Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor

450P-RV Automatic Portable CompressorViair is one of the best air compressors for RV use. And its maximum pressure limit is 150 PSI. On the market, this is termed the best effective tire inflator. And for most of the RVs, this air compressor is compatible. In addition, it is a lightweight, robust and high-powered air compressor.

Are you thinking about storing this compressor? Don’t think much because holding it in your RV doesn’t require much space. However, at 0 PSI, 2.3 CFM is the advertised flow rate of this compressor, and 150 PSI is its maximum rating. When the tier becomes inflated, its inside pressure increases, and on the contrary, its flow rate will decrease. Therefore, at 150 PSI, 0.71 CFM is this tier’s lowest flow.

The design of this compressor prevents the over-inflated situation for your tier. Moreover, this tier’s automatic shut-off feature will set the required PSI for inflating your RV’s tires. The unique features of this product are the following:

  • This air compressor entirely resistant to vibration
  • Easy to carry around
  • Don’t require much space for storing in your RV
  • This air compressor’s inbuilt pressure switch provides no damage guarantee
  • Using a 90twist lock attaching this compressor with the RV tires is easy
  • Connecting it with any tire is easy because of its three different tips



2. Asian Portable Double Cylinder Air Compressor

This one is on our best portable air compressor for RV tires list because of its portable and heavy-duty construction feature. Moreover, in less than 2 minutes successfully, this compressor can inflate your RV’s tires. Thus requiring less time to inflate the tires means you have a great option of saving massive time on the road while traveling.

Its 12V powering mechanism signs that even by using the lighter socket, you can easily power it. Do you have an idea regarding how much PSI rating it offers? You will get the highest pressure of Up to 150 PSI while using this compressor. The flow rate of PSI per minute is 70L. However, compared to any other compressor in the market, this one is 4X faster.

This air compressor comes with various accessories like heavy-duty cables, a spare fuse, a carrying case, clamps, and an extension hose of 11.5 feet. All these accessories aim to make this compressor’s use easier for you. The dimension of it are 8.7″ x 7.1″ x 3.1″. Due to these dimensions, it’s easy to store this compressor in your automobile or RV. Its features of it are the following:

  • It is easy to use and works more accurately because of its dial gauge
  • At per minute, 70 L is its flow rate. This higher flow rate implies that within 5 minutes, you can inflate your tires.
  • Even using a light cigarette socket, the users can power it because of its dual powering mechanism
  • This air compressor is made of rugged metal. Thus it is wear and tear-resistant. And it’s long-lasting for years.


3. TireWell 12V Tire Inflator

TireWell Tire InflatorThe highest pressure this air compressor provides is 150 PSI, and it’s perfect for RVs. Moreover, per minute flow rate of this product is 2.12 CFM. Due to this reasonable flow rate in less than 2 minutes, this air compressor can inflate the tires of your RV.

TireWell is one of the best portable 12v RV air compressors, and its lesson your RV tier’s noise and vibration using the 4-rod technology. For this advanced technology and benefit, you can easily use this anywhere anytime.

The rubber feet of this air compressor makes its storage more accessible. On any surface, the user can easily place it or store it. Moreover, it requires less space. However, this air compressor is best for RVs and trucks, SUVs, Vans, and many more vehicles.

Whatever features you are looking into this portable air compressor, you will get everything. In general, it offers the following features to its users.

  • 12.67″ x 6.91″ x 8.19″ is the dimension of this compressor.
  • Easy portable because of its unique size
  • You can use the battery clamp to power this compressor
  • For various inflatables and automobiles, this compressor works perfectly.


4. GSPSCN Silver Dual Cylinder 12V Air Compressor

GSPSCN Silver Dual Cylinder Air CompressorSo are you still wondering what is the best air compressor for an RV? Don’t wander. This GSPSCN Silver Dual Cylinder is another best compressor on our list, and it will not disappoint you. The highest PSI rating of this compressor is 150. Including different automobiles, this is a perfect choice for an RV.

Within 2 minutes, this compressor can easily inflate your RV’s tires as 2.12 CFM is its flow rate. Moreover, powering it is also easy, and you can do it even with the cigarette lighter. This compressor comes with different nozzles, and connecting these with the RV tire are easier.

Using the alligator clips, you can easily power it through your car’s battery. Moreover, inflating the bigger tier is also easy because of its double cylinder features. Don’t worry about carrying this compressor around because it comes with a smart carryback. The carryback makes its portable easier.

The dimension of this best portable ac air compressor for RV is 8.5″ x 6.9″ x 3″. The air horse’s size is 11.5 feet, which you will get with this air compressor. Thus, you can quickly inflate your RV’s tire using this air horse. The other features are the following:

  • Per-minute 70L is its flow rate. And for this feature, inflating the tier with it becomes easier
  • Dual cylinder design
  • Extremely convenient operation
  • Quickly the user can inflate their RV tires because of its accurate pressure gauge
  • On top of it, it’s using become more accessible because of the compressor’s handle and premium quality


5. Oasser Air Compressor

Oasser Air CompressorThe Oasser air compressor is more compact, and 120 PSI is its highest pressure. In addition, this compressor operates based on the battery, which means that it doesn’t require power consistently. Its battery power is 2000mAh.

However, AC and DC adapter is also available with this air compressor. Thus you can charge it either using the AC outlet or anything like the cigarette lighter socket. The LCD feature of this air compressor makes sure that preciously you can inflate your RV’s tire. Four different units are available, but you can calibrate the unit of your air compressor with the most comfortable one.

After reaching the preset pressure value, this compressor for RV stops inflating automatically. For this reason, precise inflation with this compressor is possible. Moreover, it comes with heat LED lights which quickly helps to eliminate the surrounding darkness. You can use this even in complete darkness because of its backlit LCD. The features of these products are:

  • If the working temperature ranges between 0 to 60, this compressor can operate very well
  • It requires 120 volts or less to function; thus, its power consumption is also low
  • You will get a 3m lengthy power cord with it



So, hopefully, the above guide was informative enough, and now you know what the best portable air compressor for RV tires are. All the above are the perfect choice for those who are looking for the best 12v air compressor.

While selecting a compressor, consider its excellent flow rate, compact size and valuable accessories. Moreover, also check what the compressor’s maximum pressure rating is. The highest pressure rating ensures that you can quickly inflate your RV tiers. If you choose a compressor for RV with full pressure, you will be a winner. Hopefully, after going through the above informative article, you will easily find the best suitable compressor for your recreational vehicles.

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