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RV Upgrades and Mods

Updated April 11, 2023

Upgrading your RV can be a fun and easy part of RV ownership. Most RV upgrades don’t require an expert or professional to assist you. Instead, you can transform your RV to accommodate camping or traveling needs.

It’s more affordable to upgrade and modify your RV than it is to purchase a new one. In addition, you can redesign your interior to match your design preferences.

Please continue reading to learn about the best RV upgrades and mods you can get. In addition, we will discuss modifications that can fit any lifestyle.

Best RV Upgrades and Mods

Before choosing the best RV upgrades and mods that fit your lifestyle, you must consider how things would benefit you. For example, if your RV is in great condition and fairly new, you’ll need minimal upgrades. Alternatively, you could benefit from adding several upgrades and modifications if you have an older RV.

Solar Power

Solar power is a beneficial way for RV owners to supply electricity to their appliances. Many people don’t like hooking up their RV to a campsite shore power, and solar power can be a great alternative to this method. In addition, solar power modifications for RVs are getting more affordable yearly because people have larger concerns about climate change.

The downside is that installing solar power isn’t an easy task. You must secure your solar power panels to ensure they don’t fall off when you drive away. You also need an inverter to transfer the DC power into the AC power that your appliances need.

Adding solar power panels to your RV is a great alternative to purchasing a generator. This option is also better for the environment, so Mother Nature will thank you.

Bulk Inverter

Adding a ball converter to your RV can increase your battery life and the overall lifespan of your battery. Ball converters are affordable and only take a few hours to charge fully. Many RV enthusiasts consider bulk inverters essential, especially if you drive full-time.

Digital Thermostat

Purchasing a digital thermostat is a great way to take full control of your RV temperature. When you travel often, you’ll face plenty of climates and want to stay comfortable in an RV. Most RV’s come with a manual slider control thermostat instead of a digital thermostat which doesn’t have as precise temperature control.

This is an affordable upgrade and can increase the safety of your travel. For example, you could have trouble with carbon monoxide gases if you travel in the heat often. Purchasing a digital thermostat is a great way to avoid carbon monoxide. yeah

rv upgrades

Increased Battery Capacity

Batteries are one of the most important parts of living the RV lifestyle. Upgrading your battery capacity is a great way to run your appliances and keep your RV well-maintained. This upgrade is expensive upfront but worth it if you travel often.

Most people treat their RVs like secondary houses, so as important to take excellent care of them. Increasing your battery capacity is one of the most crucial parts of RV ownership.

Mattress Upgrades

Purchasing a comfortable mattress is crucial to stay comfortable no matter where you go. If you spend tons of time on the road, upgrade your mattress to avoid future back problems. You can also upgrade your mattress, so it takes up less space in your RV, and you’ll have more room to do other things.

You can customize your mattress to fit any needs you have. For example, some people prefer firm mattresses and soft ones.

Proper Lighting

It’s hard to see in the dark, so you need LED lighting in your camper or RV. Proper lighting to your interior or exterior can greatly impact your camping experience.

Carpet Upgrading

Adding carpet to your RV is a great way to track dirt, so you don’t notice it as much. Many people who drive RVs spend time on the beach or at a campground and track in tons of dirt. You won’t have to mop as often when you upgrade your RV floors to carpeting.

Stove Cover

RV space is one of the hardest aspects travelers deal with. You can optimize your experience by purchasing a stove cover that allows you to chop whenever possible. This stove cover can make you feel comfortable in your RV by tidying up your living space.

Shoe Storage

After you’ve traveled in your RV for a week, you may notice that you don’t have anywhere to put your shoes. Having a pile of shoes in your living space can be frustrating. Purchase a shoe rack so you have somewhere to store these items, so they don’t lay all over the RV.

Light up the Pantry

It doesn’t matter how much lighting you have throughout your RV when you have a dark pantry. You should purchase a battery-operated light without wiring to keep in your pantry. You can choose a motion-operated option so that it doesn’t run overnight or when you’re not using it. This is a great way to see everything in your pantry.

Secret Garbage Can

You can improve your living space by purchasing a discrete garbage can instead of having one out in the open. The last thing you want to do is look at the garbage accumulated throughout the day. You can also optimize your floor space by storing a garbage can in a cupboard instead of on the floor. You can also store your garbage can by hanging it over a cabinet door.

Organized Shelving

Purchasing shelving for your RV walls is a great way to organize your living space. You will have less miscellaneous stuff lying around when you have shelves to keep them on. The best way to organize your shelving is to purchase clear bands to keep items in so you avoid clutter.

Purchasing organized shelving for your RV is a great way to save table space and counter space in your kitchen and bathroom. These are the most difficult places to organize in your RV because you spend the most time in these areas.

Good Stabilization

You should purchase an extra stabilizer rod if you notice that your RV doesn’t sit on unstable ground. This can be frustrating when you’re walking around your RV or trying to work. Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee that every campsite you visit has stable ground for your RV.

Good Quality WIFI

Many campsites offer free Wi-Fi, but it often doesn’t have great quality and can compromise your security. You can purchase good quality water fire that you can bring on the go instead. There’s no reason why you should go without an Internet connection, even when you’re traveling outdoors.

Mini Workplace

Many RV enthusiasts like to complete work on the go, and this is easier when you have a mini workplace. It can be difficult to focus on your work without a spot to complete assignments. You can purchase a folding table and headphones to optimize your workspace and keep yourself focused.

Final Thoughts

Many people prefer staying in an RV instead of a hotel room because it’s more affordable and customizable. However, you should add any upgrades and modifications to your RV to enhance your living situation. All of the Accommodations on our list will improve your RV and make it easier for you to travel.

Even though most people use RVM as a temporary lodging option, some live in their RV full-time. Therefore, if you spend most of your time in your RV, you need to customize it to suit your living needs.

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