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how to adjust rv awning pitch

How to Adjust RV Awning Pitch

Updated July 23, 2023

RV awnings are great – they give you a nice shade, protect you from the elements, and help with the glare on your laptop or TV. In fact, an RV awning pitch is an essential tool for making any campsite more comfortable.

But there are times when the sun is perfectly aligned to blind you. 

The nice thing about all modern awnings is that they are adjustable. 

rv awning pitch adjustment

Every awning works slightly differently and requires different steps for adjustment. We’ll walk you through how to adjust RV awning pitch in different types of awnings below. 

How to Adjust RV Awning Pitch

Adjusting the RV awning pitch takes a couple of minutes after you learn what you need to do:

Carefree Longitude Awnings

All you need to do is pull the hinge gently to adjust the pitch. Then, you can move to the adjustment pins. Push both pins slightly, and slide the arm towards or away from the RV for a lower or higher pitch. 

rv awning

Make sure you don’t adjust the arms to have more than a three-hole difference, or you risk breaking your awning. 

Carefree Freedom Style Awnings

To adjust these awnings, you will need a 4mm allen wrench. 

Have someone hold the lead rail to reduce the pressure on adjustment screws, and begin by loosening the top screw.

Then, you can adjust the pitch with the bottom screw. If you turn it to the left, the pitch will lower, and turning it to the right will raise it. 

adjusting rv awning pitch

When you’re happy with the adjustment, tighten the top screw to “fix” the pitch. The awning will adjust automatically to the set pitch. 

Carefree Latitude Awnings

The Latitude awnings are similar to the Freedom Style awnings, featuring a wind retraction mechanism. Also, they adjust in the same way as the Freedom Style awnings. 

Have someone hold the lead rail, loosen the top screw, then turn the bottom screw to adjust the pitch as required. 

Solera Awnings

Push the button that brings out the awning. You can then adjust the pitch by pulling on the arm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my awning sagging?

In most cases, awning sag happens because of an overextended canopy. To fix it, crank its handle in reverse till the fabric tightens sufficiently. Be sure to notice how the material is rolling carefully.

adjusting rv awning

Is it OK to leave the awning out in the rain?

Opening up your awning and leaving it unattended is not recommended, especially when it’s raining. A strong breeze will whip up the awning, tearing the fabric off its arms or roller bar. There’s a good chance that water will pool on the awning, eventually breaking it.

How do I protect my caravan awning?

Installing an awning tensioner is an excellent way to protect the awning from tearing. These are typically designed with UV-stabilized nylon, making them chemical-resistant and rust-proof.


You now know how to adjust RV awning pitch – there’s not much to it. But remember to make small adjustments and never use power tools to turn any screws. 

Also, don’t forget to tighten up the locking screw when you’ve finished adjusting the RV awning. If your awning isn’t doing enough for you, you could always get a collapsible autoshelter

adjusting awning pitch on your rv

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