Where to Fill Your RV Fresh Water Tank

Where To Fill Your RV Fresh Water Tank

Updated October 2, 2022

- By Tim Harris

While traveling in the recreational vehicle, the most crucial thing is having enough freshwater supply in it. Therefore, when you plan to go for a trip and hit the road with your RV, you should first know where to fill RV fresh water tank. Knowing this information is most important in your entire journey.

You should ensure enough freshwater supply in your RV as it requires for performing almost every task. For example, you need fresh water for taking a deep shower in your RV’s bathroom or cooking food in the kitchen. Thus, after successive use of freshwater for the above purposes, your tank water will reduce and get low. Thus when the RV tank become empty, you have no other option to refill your RV tank with fresh water.

So, before planning for an RV trip, you should have the answer to the question of where is the “Water tank filling station near me” or “Where can I fill a water tank.” However, don’t worry much because the water tank filling station is available in most campgrounds. Some campsites offer this water-filling service to the RVers, while some don’t have any water-filling amenities at all.


Where to Fill RV Fresh Water Tank

Before starting a trip always, you should make a plan ahead. You should know Where to get free water for RVAnd also, before beginning the journey, you should fill your freshwater tank. However, not necessary that you will get available free water from your known sources always.

If the water is not available to refill in the tank from your familiar sources, you should prepare a backup plan for it also. In general, the RV tank water filling places are the following:

  • Campgrounds
  • Travel Centers
  • Rest Stops
  • City State Parks
  • County State Parks
  • Cabela


Let’s discuss the details of each option:

Where to fill RV fresh water tank

1. Campgrounds

Several convenient and practical facilities are available at RV campsites or campgrounds for the RVers. One of the best facilities the campground offers to the RVers is water hookups. Water hookups allow the RVers to refill their freshwater tank easily.

So, are you worried about thinking about where the “RV freshwater fill up stations near me” are? Don’t think much because mostly the nearest freshwater filling station for RVers is the campground.


2. Travel Centers

You will indeed find potable fresh water for your RV at travel centers. It’s an excellent place to refill your RV tank with potable water. However, one important thing is that the fill station is not available in every travel center. So before going to a center at first, you should inspect whether potable water is here available or not.

Camping water storage is crucial for the whole journey. Thus before arriving at a travel center, call its attendance and ask for the details. For example, ask them where the location of the fixture is and whether it’s using require any special instructions or not. In short, the RVers should have a clear idea of “how to refill fresh water tanks during camping.”


3. Rest Stops

While you are searching to know the answer to where is the “Water filling places near me,” one common suggestion you may notice is “Rest Stops.” This one is another option for the RVers where potable water is available.

But one important thing to remember is that you may or may not get the tank filling site to connect a hose in all rest stops. Thus, check the travel apps’ tank water filling-related information before reaching the stops.

However, some rest stops offer you a more excellent opportunity. They offer you the freshwater tank refilling facility and emptying your RV’s grey and black waste water tanks. That means the RVers can use some rest stops as a freshwater tank refilling station and dump station.


4. City, County, and State Parks

The RVer’s can also fill their freshwater tank from the county, city, and state parks. Most parks offer the RVers to spend their day in a day-use area or camping with a water refill facility. Now on which county, city, or state park this water refilling facility is available, you will know it by checking the app reviews and recommendations. Then, after analyzing the reviews, choose the best option near you.


5. Cabela’s

Another option is Cabela that the RVers may find while trying to get the answer “where is the free water fill up near me.” It is an outdoor recreation company which offers the RVers various facilities. However, Cabela provides the following facilities to the RVers:

  • A dump station
  • RV parking and
  • Potable water fill

The RVers have to pay the dumping fee almost in all stores for dumping wastage. Bu most stores don’t charge the fee for refilling the freshwater. However, if the recreation company offers you to fill the fresh water tank without making a payment, you should show a little courtesy. If you say “Thank you” for free water, it’s enough to show your courtesy.


How to Refill Freshwater Tank During Camping

Knowing the city water connection for RV is only a part of your RV tour planning process. But the most crucial thing is knowing how to refill fresh water tanks during camping. Finding the water source for tank filling is essential, but learning the RV tank refilling techniques is more important.

You can save both your money and time by knowing the freshwater tank refilling technique in advance. The tank refilling process requires the following tools:

  • Water bandit
  • Water can
  • RV water hose
  • Attachment of RV water tank
  • Portable electric pump (It don’t need all the time)

You can start the water tank refilling process if you have all the above tools. Follow the steps below for refilling your RV’s freshwater tank.

  • Above the empty water can’s fill line, make a small hole.
  • To prevent the water from leaking from this hole, place a screw or cap on it before starting the can fill-up process.
  • Now above the can’s filling point, place the jug.
  • Next, together connect your tank attachment, bandit, and hose.
  • Make sure that the water bandit contains in the hose’s end. And also, ensure that the spout of the can is attached to the water bandit.
  • Now on the filling hole of your RV, place the water filling attachment in it.
  • The last step allows the water to flow to the tank by removing the can’s cap or screw.

Now check whether water is flowing to your RV fresh water tank or not. If the water fails to flow immediately, you should lift the hose. However, for completely refilling the fresh water tank of your RV, you may require to follow the above techniques a few more times. Whether you need to repeat the above refilling technique or not entirely depends on your RV tank size.


The RV Fresh Water Tank Filling Tips

Filling the RV tank with freshwater is not tough instead, it’s easy. But to ensure safe drinking water, the RVers should follow some general tips while filling their RV tank. The recommendations are the following:

  • Irrespective of your RV types, you can refill your fresh water tank using the external water connection. One external link usually the RVers use is the RV side’s filling pot to fill water. Another is directly connecting the RV’s plumbing system to the external freshwater supply.
  • Monitor the water filling progress when you are filling the RV tank.
  • Don’t overfill the tank with water. Or fill that much water which you require to stay in your RV. Avoid overfilling.
  • Overfilling the water tank and traveling hundreds or thousands of miles with this load is terrible for your RV. This extreme load could damage the RV’s breaks or engines. Moreover, your RV will require more fuel to run and operate if you drive the RV with a full or overloaded water tank.
  • Try to ensure lightweight in your RV while traveling. Know where to get the fresh water and then refill if your RV’s tank becomes empty. Only have that much water in your RV tank that you require.



For ensuring an enjoyable and comfortable journey, the most crucial resource for the RVers is water. And the RVers should ensure that they are starting their journey with plenty of water so that they don’t have to face any problem suddenly. Even if the water ends in the middle of the trip, the RVers should know from where to fill RV fresh water tank to tackle this situation.

Thus, make a solid plan accordingly and prepare the answer to the questions: Where are the “Water tank filling station near me” and “Where can I fill a water tank.” Before starting the RV journey and reaching the destination, you should make all the details, plan, and backup plan of your trip.

Finally, and most importantly, include the RV fresh water tank filling safety issue in your project. Otherwise, your RV fun adventure will quickly turn into a miserable experience due to lack of water in no time.

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