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Best RV Roof Vent Fan Review & Buying Guide

Updated October 2, 2022

- By Tim Harris

The RV roof vent fan moves the airflow through the camper. RV roof vent fans are extremely helpful on days when it’s hot and the air is still. You can’t run your Air Conditioner in your RV until you hook it up to the shore power because the AC requires a lot of energy. So the only better way to move air in your RV when the air conditioner isn’t running is with a vent fan.

RV roof fan

To deal with the heat and odors in your RV, you need a good-quality roof vent fan that works. The roof vent fan on your RV moves the air around. This unit needs to be changed out every so often. An RV vent fan comes in a standard size, so it’s easy to find one that will fit your RV.

Picking out the best fan can be challenging. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best RV roof vent fans that will make your research easier.

Importance of an RV Roof Vent Fan

RV roof fans are one of the best ways to keep smells, moisture, and heat from getting into your RV. You can use this fan instead of the air conditioner in your RV. This roof vent fan is helpful in colder climates because it keeps the RV from getting wet.

In the small space of an RV, condensation can cause trouble. After you turn on your RV fan, keeping the window open will help the air move through the small space of your RV. If your camper roof vent didn’t come with an RV fan, you should replace it yourself to get all of the benefits.

But don’t buy a cheap RV vent fan from a brand you’ve never heard of. The cheap fans can’t get rid of the moisture because they don’t have enough power.

Considering Factors of Fan Power

Fans on the RV roof do not need a lot of amps to work. Your 12V RV batteries can run these vent fans just fine. At full speed, the most powerful fan only uses 3 to 4 amps. Also, these vent fans only need 1 amp of power to run at low power settings.

The RV vent fan with the most power pulls in a lot of air. But the amount of air pulled depends on how big the rig is. Some rigs can also have more than two vent fans. Surprisingly, this vent fan does a good job of moving air around in the rig.

Considering Factors of an RV Roof Vent Fan

When you are looking for an RV roof vent fan, you should consider the following factors:

Vent Fan Options

Different vent fan options are available, including the following:

  • Remote control. 
  • For using the fan in inclement weather, the vent fan comes with rain covers.
  • Different speeds.
  • For air pulling or pushing, the vent fan comes with reversible blade rotation.

RV Roof Vent Size

Most roof vents on campers or RVs are 14 inches by 14 inches. If you need to replace the vent fan in your RV, measure the hole to get an idea of the size of the vent. Take the measurements and make sure the new fan is the same size as the old one. You can also cut out a bigger hole if the roof vent fan is larger than the one you are replacing.

RV Ceiling’s Height

Make sure you can easily reach the ceiling of your RV so you can open the trailer vent fan by hand. If it’s hard to get to the trailer fan, you can use a remote to operate your roof vent fan.

Noise Factor

Another important thing to think about is how loud the roof vent fan will be, which will depend on how much time you will spend on it. Some people only use the RV twice a year, while others live in it all the time so the noise of the fan will be an important factor to consider.

campervan dan

So, before you buy a fan, you should think about how loud it is. Some fans are louder than the others that are available on the market. If you choose a vent fan that makes a lot of noise, you might have to get a new one. Some roof vent fans that make a lot of noise don’t move or circulate much air inside the RV.

RV Roof Vent Covers

If you buy the best roof fan for your RV, it should come with a separate vent cover. If you leave the roof vent on your RV open when it’s raining, you should have a backup vent cover to keep the water out. But you don’t need these RV roof vent covers if you buy a vent fan with a rain sensor.

There are some downsides to these vent covers, like the fact that you have to pay an extra $50 to buy them and most covers for RV roof vents are bulky, big, and unsightly. The RV vent covers can cast also shadows in your RV.

What are the Best RV Roof Vent Fans?

After conducting 25 hours of research on 50 RV roof vent fans, we were able to identify the top 12 best RV roof vent vans.

Here are our top recommendations for the best RV roof vent fans on the market right now.

Maxxair Corp 00A04301K Maxxfan Vent Std 14″ Manual

Our Pick
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10/06/2022 06:51 am GMT

The Maxx Air 12V fan has a built-in thermostat, blades that can be turned around, and a ceiling fan mode. The ceiling fan mode helps move air around the RV and lets you keep it at a comfortable temperature. There are 10 different speeds for the fan. So it’s easy to control the amount of noise and airflow because there are ten different fan speeds.

This 14′′ standard roof vent fan fits easily in RV roof holes that are 14′′ wide. The best thing about the fan is that it is almost silent. On the lower settings, the fan’s blade runs quietly. Also, the vent lid can be opened by hand, and it has two durable struts to keep it raised. This fan also has a built-in rain cover.

Leisure Coachworks RV Roof Vent Fan

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10/06/2022 09:20 am GMT

The Leisure Coachworks RV roof vent is 12 volts, and its size is 14″ x 14″. The one-speed out and one-speed in Leisure Coachwork make this fan simpler. Using the manual riser, opening and closing the lid is very easy.

This unit is very easy to install because of its two-wire design. Ten blades come with this fan, and it is one of the most powerful units that come with efficient and energy-saving properties. The tight seal of this fan keeps the rain out.

Ventline RV Roof Vent

Our Pick
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10/06/2022 10:58 am GMT

Another great camper vent fan is this Ventline 12-volt fan. The main part of this fan is the white plastic. This mounting flange has a lid that is both aerodynamic and shaped like a wedge. This roof vent fan also comes with putty tape and the hardware you need to install this fan properly. The rough opening of this fan is 14.15″ x 14.25″.

It’s easy to set up this fan, but you should consider wearing gloves when you put this fan together because it has sharp metal edges. The fan comes with hardware and an instruction manual, so you don’t have to worry about how to set it up. This roof vent fan runs quietly, and the fan turns on and off smoothly.

This fan looks great, and it’s easy to assemble. This RV roof vent doesn’t require much time to install. Compared to other fans on the market, this one is affordable and has good value for money.

RVLOVENT 12V RV Roof Fan Vent

Our Pick
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10/06/2022 05:29 am GMT

This RVLOVENT 12V RV Roof Fan Vent is a great way to move air through your camper or RV trailer. This fan is both durable and effective at circulating air inside your RV. This fan’s motor is very stable and long-lasting. IT can move a lot of air with very little power. This fan can efficiently let the air out or let it in. Since there isn’t much noise, the air stays cool.

You can run this fan in either the forward or backward direction. You can choose any mode you want, whether it’s Medium, Low, or Max. This RVLovent roof vent fan is easy to install.

MAXXAIR 0004500K MaxxFan

Our Pick
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10/06/2022 08:56 am GMT

One of the cheapest fans for RVers and campers is this fan. You can control this fan either manually or by using the remote. It operates quietly compared to the other fans. However, during the opening or closing of this fan, you may hear the noisy gear motor sound, but this is not a problem at all.

The reversible flow feature of this fan makes it unique from the others. This product is especially nice for camping or using in RV. Using this fan will definitely give you a positive and exciting vibe.

Maxxair 00A04401K Smoke Roof Top MaxxFan

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10/06/2022 10:07 am GMT

Another amazing fan is this Maxxair Smoke Roof Top fan. With your RV’s cracked open window, you can change your camper’s air by turning this fan on the lowest setting. This fan will change your RV’s air in about three minutes. Moreover, it is not expensive at all. Thus by purchasing this fan, you can save money also.

This fan sucks the air in and out both. If you purchase this fan, it will not surely disappoint you. You can use it to replace the extractor fan, even on your older RV or camper. Moreover, installing this fan is also very easier than you think. Two supporting struts are available with this fan on one side.

In high winds, it operates much better. You don’t require to worry about fitting this fan in your RV because it comes in standard size. Using lower power, it runs well and operates quietly.

The installation is also very simple. This fan produces impressive air and moves air perfectly, and you will definitely love it.

Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan Ventilation Fan

Our Pick
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10/06/2022 10:09 am GMT

The Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan Ventilation Fan is another excellent roof vent fan alternative. This fan is very simple to install. It can be installed in your RV or travel trailer quite easily so you can take advantage of the cozy, chilly air as soon as it comes out of the box. This fan low lower the internal temperature inside your RV by at least 15 degrees while it is running. On the low setting, it draws less than 0.6 amps and is silent. Furthermore, it draws hardly more than three amps on the high setting.

Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vent

Our Pick
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10/06/2022 08:33 am GMT

If you want to keep your RV or travel trailer cool and have less moisture in the air, this roof vent fan made by Fan-Tastic is undoubtedly one of the best options.

You can mount this fan anywhere you want in your RV or camper. It will deliver you cool air all day and night long without hearing much noise.

It would be a great addition to your RV if you installed in your rig. Your RV will look and feel wonderful with this fantastic powered fan as it works effectively and efficiently.


This roof vent comes in the standard roof vent size. It is one of the best fans you can get. It is a powerful and effective fan. Installing and setting up this fan is very easy. The great quality of this fan and its excellent functionality will surely entice you to look into it.

The fan and vent’s dimensions are perfect for a standard installation and it is functional in all weather conditions.

Hike Crew 14″ RV Roof Vent Fan

Our Pick
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10/06/2022 08:12 am GMT

The Hike Crew 14″ RV Roof Vent fan lets the air circulate or flow perfectly in your RV in all weather conditions. Install this fan in your RV and you will not need to stay in your camper with unbreathable and stuffy air. Installing this roof vent fan allows the fresh air to come into your RV by letting the stale air out.

It ensures the best air circulation in your travel trailer, and you can easily travel with your family and friends in your RV. This roof vent fan ensures the highest comfort for you in your vehicle by removing bad smells and odors. Its installation is a breeze.

Livpow RV Roof Vent

Our Pick
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10/06/2022 10:14 am GMT

This 12-volt reversible roof vent fan pulls the fresh air in your vehicle, camper, RV, or enclosed trailer and pushes the stale air. The one-piece seamless frame of this Livpow RV roof vent is weathertight and leak-resistant. You can use this roof vent fan in any weather condition. Moreover, the light can also come into your RV through the fan’s translucent lid.

The installation of this fan is very simple and easy. This is a 2-wire design fan, and you can easily install it on your own. The necessary accessories for installation are included in it, such as hardware and instructions.

Camco 40480 Roof Vent Kit

Our Pick
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10/06/2022 03:01 am GMT

The Camco roof vent kit is one of the best roof vent kits you can buy as is ensures zero leaks even if you are traveling with your rig in a downpour. The installation of this fan is super easy, and it’s a perfect fit for your vehicle. Its installation doesn’t require any drilling.

Installing this Camco roof vent fan in your RV is quick and it will give your camper a great look. It fits well in any travel trailer or recreational vehicle.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best RV Roof Vent Fan

An RV roof vent fan is one of the best ways to keep your RV comfortable in all kinds of weather. Almost all of the vent fans come in standard sizes. So if you want to replace the old fan with a new one, there would be no problem.

roof vent fan

A new roof vent fan is one of the most simple ways to improve your RVs airflow and reduce interior moisture levels. In this article, we looked at the best brands of RV roof vent fans. Now that you know what you need and what each fan offers, you can choose the best one for you.

What are Your Thoughts on the Best RV Roof Vent Fan?

Drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts on what you look for when buying an RV roof vent fan and if you’ve learned anything from your search for the perfect RV roof vent fan after looking at the best RV roof vent fans on the market.

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