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Where To Rent an Airstream

Updated August 26, 2023

An Airstream travel trailer is an aluminum alloy-made caravan that gives you access to home needs on the go. When you rent an Airstream, you can save money on hotel costs because it provides you with a toilet, kitchen, and recreational space. You can bring your entire family on a road trip while renting an Airstream.

These vehicles are a popular way to travel the country and take long road trips. The aluminum alloy body protects the interior from your ultraviolet rays which will help you stay cool during the heat.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need about renting an Airstream and all the deals on the web you can find. In addition, we will discuss the benefits of renting this stylish travel trailer instead of purchasing a trailer outright.

All Aspects of An Airstream Rental

Spending time in nature is a fantastic way to boost your energy and release mental exhaustion or pressure. This is a great way to spend time with your loved ones and family by traveling across the country.

Renting an Airstream to travel is much more affordable than buying a hotel everywhere you go. Plus, you don’t have to worry about what you’ll do with the Airstream when you’re not using it because you can return it to the rental place.

An Airstream rental is a great option for people who are interested in the lifestyle of RVers but aren’t ready to purchase such an expensive vehicle. Below, we’ll discuss the rental options so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

2021 Family Fun Bunk House with Solar Power

The 2021 Family Fun Bunk House with Solar Power is a great way to bring your family on a road trip. You’ll enjoy the fully equipped facilities of this Airstream, including a toilet, three beds, two bunks, and a place to eat dinner. This is a fantastic way for you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors while having a resting spot at night.

Available Services

Now that you understand what a family fun bunk is, it’s time to include the services you can expect when renting this option. When renting an Airstream, you can expect a precise shower system, solar power, and backup cameras.

This Airstream is customized to make you and your family feel comfortable and safe on the road. These safety features and appliances will keep you as comfortable as possible in your home away from home. People love camping for the hiking and beautiful sights of nature but hate it for the uncomfortable living situation you can avoid when renting an Airstream.

Unavailable Services

This Airstream runs on solar power, so you won’t receive a satellite or generator power supply. You also won’t hook up to shore power when operating this Airstream. This Airstream doesn’t come with an outdoor shower, but it does come with an indoor one. There is no washer and dryer in this Airstream, so you’ll need to bring your travel option.

Owner Regulation

When you rent this Airstream, you’re not allowed to smoke inside, and you’re not allowed to host a music party or festival.

Airstream Rental


“Buddy” Brand New Bunkhouse Camper

The “Buddy” Brand New Bunkhouse Camper offers flexible cancellation to shoppers, so you don’t have to worry about your plans change. This camper operates off solar power and has safety features that allow you and your family to relax. You can enjoy one queen size bed and full size for your children or friends.

Available Services

This is a popular camper option for people with a family or traveling in groups. However, if you’re only traveling with one other person and don’t mind sharing a bed, you can choose a different option. The following services are included with this camper.

You’ll have a queen size bed, backup cameras, and solar power when you choose this rental option. Staying comfortable and safe on the road is a huge priority when you travel.

All these features will keep you and your family safe and comfortable on the road. It can be difficult to see where you’re going if you don’t have a backup camera, which is why Airstream includes it with most of their models.

Unavailable Services

This rental option does not include a bike rack, a generator, or free Wi-Fi. If you want an Internet connection, you’ll need to bring that on your own. Also, if you plan to wash your clothes, you’ll need to bring a portable washer or dryer because this option is unavailable.

Owner Regulation

This rental service’s owner does not allow pets, smoking, music festivals, or tailgating. If you have a canine companion, you’ll need to choose a different rental option.

Family Fortress

The family fortress lives up to its name because it’s a great option for families on the road. You can watch TV together at night and shower simultaneously. Anyone with a large family knows that one of the most frustrating aspects is sharing a shower, and you won’t have to worry about that when renting this Airstream.

Available Services

If you want to rent the family fortress Airstream, you’ll need to book at least two nights. However, this is one of the best family options because it offers an indoor and outdoor shower, generator power supply, TV, and free Wi-Fi. Plenty of beds are available for everybody to stay comfortable while They sleep.

Unavailable Offers

This family Airstream doesn’t include a washer or dryer and is not ADA accessible.

Owner Regulation

You cannot engage in noise pollution or smoking indoors when renting this option. You’ll need to step outside the Airstream if you want to smoke.

Airstream Rental


Spacious Bunkhouse Camper for All Ages

The Spacious Bunkhouse Camper for All Ages is an excellent Airstream rental for smaller families or people traveling with friends. Using the attached facilities, you can watch TV together at night and shower inside or outside. Having multiple shower facilities is beneficial when you’re not traveling alone.

Available Services

When renting this Airstream, you can expect great bathroom facilities, an audio system, a leveling jack, and climate control. You’ll also have access to a queen size bed, a bunk bed, and two fold-out sofas for unexpected guests.

Unavailable Offers

This Airstream rental does not include a washer and dryer, a bike rack, or ADA accessibility.

Owner Regulation

You cannot bring your pet with you if you rent this Airstream due to the owner’s regulations. You also cannot smoke, tailgate, or participate in music festivals when renting this option

5. 2020 Dutchmen Aspen Trail LE 1760BH Bunk Beds

This Airstream rental includes a washroom with a full indoor shower setup so you and your guests can feel comfortable and clean while you travel. There’s also plenty of storage because one of the most difficult parts of RV rental is finding a place to put your stuff. This option is fantastic for family or friends that travel together.

Available Services

This Airstream rental includes Wi-Fi, a full kitchen, and a bathroom. You’ll also stay comfortable renting this option because AC and heat are available. You won’t be subject to the uncomfortable climate of your travel places.

Unavailable Offers

This Airstream only offers indoor bathroom facilities, so there’s no outdoor shower. You also don’t have an oven when renting this option which can be difficult if you prefer roasted vegetables or baked goods.

Owner Regulation

You are not allowed to smoke inside this Airstream.

2021 Forest River Salem

If you’re worried about running out of electricity, look no further than renting this Airstream. You’ll have a generator and solar power systems attached to this Airstream, so you never run out. This Airstream accommodates up to four adults to sleep comfortably.

Available Services

When you read this Airstream, you’ll have two king-size beds and one twin-size bed at your disposal. You’ll also have a full kitchen and bathroom, with an awning to enjoy the outdoors. You can stay comfortable when they’re renting at this option because there’s AC and heat.

Unavailable Offers

This Airstream does not include an outdoor shower, oven, or bike rack. If you’re an avid chef and need an oven on the go, you should choose a different rental option.

Owner Regulation

This rental does not allow you to smoke or participate in music festivals.

2022 Brand NEW Luxury Travel Trailer

This is the perfect travel option for people traveling as a couple without kids or friends. You only have one queen size bed, which is perfect for people who don’t have a large group of people to sleep. If you’re looking for a romantic option, this is the perfect Airstream rental.

Available Services

This Airstream rental includes a full bathroom facility, generator power, an awning, and storage space. When renting this travel trailer, you can also sleep on the comfortable queen-sized bed.

Unavailable Offers

This travel trailer does not include multiple bags, solar panels, or backup cameras. This rental option is not family-friendly.

Owner’s Regulation

You cannot participate in music festivals or smoke in this rental.

2021 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf

This generator-powered rental option is great for families traveling with two kids. Everyone can sleep comfortably when you choose this rental, and multiple showers are available. Look no further if you’re looking for the perfect low-key rental for your small family.

Available Services

This rental includes a queen size bed and two bunk beds. You also have an attached awning so you and your family can spend time sitting outside comfortably. The outdoor shower and indoor shower make it possible for you and your family to shower simultaneously.

Unavailable Offers

There is no solar power, ADA accessibility, or bike rack included when you rent this Airstream.

Owner Regulation

You cannot smoke, host parties, or participate In music festivals inside this van.

Mandi – Off-Grid Queen

If you’re traveling with a group of friends, this Airstream option is an excellent choice. You can comfortably sleep up to three adults when using this Airstream. An indoor and outdoor shower is also available so people can shower simultaneously and not interrupt each other.

Available Services

When you rent this Airstream, you’ll have indoor and outdoor shower facilities, a fall kitchen, and plenty of storage. You can also adjust the temperature inside this Airstream to suit your preferences. Meaning you don’t have to deal with excessive heat or cold in this rental.

Unavailable Services

There is no washer and dryer in this rental, and you can’t use a generator power supply or Wi-Fi facilities. So, if you need a camper that has Wi-Fi, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Owner Regulation

You cannot smoke, tailgate, or keep pets in this rental.


What exactly is an Airstream trailer, and what’s the advantage?

An Airstream trailer is a lightweight option that allows you to have home facilities on the road. It’s a great alternative for people interested in an RV but not ready to buy it outright.

What does it take to rent an Airstream trailer?

You’ll need at least $100 a night to rent an Airstream trailer. However, prices vary depending on your needs. For example, larger Airstreams can cost up to $350 nightly.

Does heavy wind cause damage to the airstream?

Heavy wind can damage your Airstream, so you’ll need to drive slowly if you hit an area with too much wind. It would be best to purchase an airspeed meter to gauge the wind better and adjust your speed to accommodate the situation.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an affordable option, renting an Airstream is a great way to spend time outdoors with your family and loved ones. These Airstream rentals allow you to customize your tour of the open road and stay comfortable. Renting an Airstream is a fantastic way to bring a comfortable living area with you on the road.

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