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RV surge lock in the rain

Best way to lock a surge protector from getting stolen from your RV

Updated May 24, 2023

A good surge protector, even though not expensive, can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs. An RV is, as far as electrical components go, a real nightmare. Due to many factors, such as a lack of reliable grounding and multiple wires in the same spot, power surges can be quite common.

If you already possess a surge protector, since it’s situated outside of your RV, the best way to protect it is by investing in a good lock.

There are several types of locks you can use to secure your RV surge protector.

Types of locks


 1. Cable locks

 Cable locks consist of a flexible cable and a locking mechanism. Besides surge protectors, you can use them to secure bicycles or some other camping gear.

When you want to secure your RV surge protector, just loop the cable through the handle or locking mechanism on the surge protector and then secure it to a fixed object. Even though they’re cheap and easy to use, cable locks provide a high level of security for your surge protector.

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03/13/2024 01:26 am GMT

 The easiest way to secure your equipment outside

  • Adjustable cable lock
  • Made from braided steel, ensures strength and flexibility
  • The vinyl coating protects against scratches
  • Lifetime guarantee

2. Heavy-duty padlocks

Made out of solid or hardened steel, these types of locks are resistant to cutting, drilling, and other forms of tampering. When choosing a lock, make sure that it has a weather-resistant coating, protecting it from rust and corrosion. They often come with combination locks or keys and are designed for outdoor use, meaning they can withstand any weather.

  • Nearly impossible to cut through
  • Strongest material on the market
  • Maximum corrosion protection
  • Lifetime guarantee on the chain

3. Chain locks

Like heavy-duty padlocks, chain locks typically consist of a chain that wraps around the surge protector and a padlock that secures it in place. Unlike heavy-duty padlocks, chain locks offer more flexibility and they are the cheaper option. Using chain locks, you can wrap your surge protector in whichever way suits you the best. Still, they offer a high level of resistance to cutting, drilling and other forms of tampering.

One weakness that we should point out: chain locks are vulnerable to bolt cutters.


  • Suitable for very high and very low temperatures
  • High strength and rigidity
  • Multifunctional
  • Stainless steel material

4. Combination locks

 As the name says, combination locks can be opened by entering a combination code, which eliminates the need for keys. They are a great option if you’re tired of carrying different keys and forgetting which one opens what.

Some combination locks have a keypad with only numbers, while others offer a set of numbers and letters.

They can be vulnerable to hacking, that’s why it’s important not to share your code with a lot of people and first and foremost, choose a strong code that cannot be so easily hacked. Don’t forget, some combination locks have a feature that locks after several failed attempts, so it’s important to remember your code or at least to know a way to reset it.

They are a great way to protect your RV surge protector without the need to carry along with you a key but remember not to share your code with strangers.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/13/2024 02:00 am GMT
  • Four-digit combination for easy recall, you can use your birthday or something memorable
  • Combination change tool included
  • A strong body shows strength and weather ability
  • Hardened steel shackle

5. Smart locks

Smart locks use the latest technology, providing you with the possibility of unlocking the surge protector with a smartphone app, using a code or your fingerprint.

Smart locks are a step beyond the combination locks, offering you easy access to your surge protector, unlocking it with your fingerprint or a password. No need to carry a key or remember a certain combination anymore. You can also allow other users to access it and you can see the log which records who and when accessed the surge protector.

The great thing about smart locks, they have automatic locks and alarm triggers, which will warn you when someone tries to tamper with your surge protector.

Their biggest weakness is that they need a power source, and when they lose it, they become inoperable. Also, they are more expensive than 4 other types of locks and they usually need a valid subscription if you want full access and full features.

Benefits of using locks to protect your RV surge protector

  1. The obvious one is security – Preventing theft or unauthorized access to your surge protector.
  2. Convenience – If you’re using smart locks or combination locks, you don’t have to carry a key wherever you go, you can unlock your surge protector with an app or a combination.
  3. Peace of mind – Stop worrying about possible theft and enjoy your vacation, knowing that your surge protector is secured.
  4. Compliance – Some RV campsites have a regulation or a rule which demands that you lock or protect your surge protector. Be one step ahead and secure it from theft or tampering.

Best RV Surge Protector

So many options, which one to choose? Choose one that satisfies all your needs, but make sure you know your RV’s electrical connection beforehand. It can be 30 Amp or 50 Amp. Avoid power surges and costly repairs and read our article, in which we recommend these 5 best RV surge protectors.


Investing in a strong lock will result in a peaceful mind and if you ask us, that is the most important part of your vacation.

Each of these types of locks has its strengths and weaknesses, and you should choose a lock that suits your preferences.

However, investing in a strong but rather expensive lock is maybe the best option if you’re someone who constantly worries – even if you’re on vacation.

A good lock will protect your surge protector, among other things, and will allow you to be more peaceful and relaxed when you set up camp.