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What To Know About State Farm RV Insurance Review

Updated October 2, 2022

- By Tim Harris

State farm RV insurance company is US’s one of the top insurance companies. Over 19,000 or more state farm agents are working around to give you the best service. There are thousands of positive state farm insurance reviews, and this company offers plenty of insurance products for you. The extensive range of insurance products and additional offers make this company one of the top RV insurance companies in the US.

The State Farm not only offers you coverage on your personal and home insurance but also offers coverage and services for motorcycles, cars, and RVs. An RV is a significant investment, and you need to ensure its complete protection against any damage.

Fortunately, if you take insurance from State Farm, you will get plenty of RV coverage and benefits options. In addition, compared to the other insurance companies, the State Farm Company offers many more unique facilities to protect your RV.

However, the state farm emergency roadside service, state farm rental car insurance coverage, state farm rental car insurance are some of the most popular offers. Besides these unique offerings, you can also enjoy multiple discounts on your insurance premium by fulfilling the specific criteria.

state farm RV insurance

Is State Farm a Good Insurance Company?

When you buy an RV, the first thing that comes to mind is, “do I need RV insurance?” The answer is yes. You need insurance to ensure your RV’s protection. The next question arises from where you should buy the RV insurance. When you come to know about the State Farm insurance company, you may think, is state farm a good insurance company?

Actually, it’s not your fault to think about all these questions. Instead, it is your responsibility to shop for insurance by doing enough research and analysis. Now come to the point. The point is whether State Farm is a good company or not.

The answer is yes. From thousands of positive customer reviews and feedback, it’s pretty evident that State Farm is a good insurance company. Compared to the other large RV insurance companies, State Farm has few complaints, and it is one of the most popular RV insurers across the US. See the features of this company to justify whether it’s good enough or not.

  • Have few complaints
  • It offers plenty of discounts on insurance premiums.
  • The main two insurance programs are for young drivers and safe driving.
  • It provides the state farm travel expenses coverage and offers an excellent and easy rental car coverage.
  • The auto insurance coverage and customer satisfaction ratings are not average but much better.
  • No gap insurance is available.


How Much Does State Farm Insurance Cost?

The state farm rental car insurance is appreciable and quite affordable. Compared to the other top-rated RV insurance company, you will get cost-effective insurance products and policies. So let’s take a look at the following table to know the state farm’s insurance cost.

Coverage Type Per Month Cost Per Year Cost
Minimum Coverage $52 $625
Full Coverage $104 $1250


The Website of State Farm doesn’t have any clear and specific information regarding their insurance premium and rates. Depending on the company’s insurance coverage type, the insurance premium and the discount rates vary. However, according to a 2018 survey conducted on the insurance policyholder, on average, you can save up to $800 if you switch to State Farm.


What Does State Farm Roadside Assistance Cover?

Before shopping for insurance for your RV, you need to know what coverage the insurance company offers and which one would be best for you. Most US states will ask the insurance while you drive your RV. So the coverage requirements may also differ significantly from state to state. However, the most general coverage includes uninsured motorist coverage and liability insurance.

Taking full coverage for your RV ensures its extra protection. Complete insurance coverage is not a specific type of policy. Instead, it is the combination of various policies. For example, taking the collision, liability, and comprehensive insurance together is called the full coverage policy. Now let’s take a look to know what insurance policy the State Farm Company offers:

  • Property Damage and Bodily Injury Liability:This coverage will pay the cost for any death, bodily injuries, or damaged property due to the accident. Typically in almost all the states, the RVers are required to have this coverage to protect their RV.
  • Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist Coverage:If your RV faced an accident with an underinsured or uninsured driver, this coverage would protect you. After such an accident, you will get the property damage and medical costs under this coverage.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: If any animals hit your RV or adverse weather causes the loss of your RV while driving, you will get protection under the comprehensive coverage. This coverage will provide you with the repair costs due to these accidents. Also, you will get this coverage because of the vandalism and theft.
  • Collision Coverage:This coverage bears all the repair costs caused by any traffic-related accidents. No matter whose fault it is, you will get this coverage and the repair expenses.
  • State Farm Travel Expense Coverage: Compared to the competitors, State Farm is superior because of its additional and unique coverage offerings. The company provides you the collision coverage, but it also covers the lodging, meals, and transportation cost. However, depending on which states you travel to your RV and the policy limit, this coverage varies significantly.
  • Rideshare Insurance: If you are a Lyft or Uber driver, you will get coverage under this insurance policy. This policy covers the user’s both ridesharing and personal use. However, not all states are applicable to get this option’s benefits.

State Farm’s RV Coverage Options

State Farm offers the above insurance coverage for all types of vehicles. But the RVers can get additional customize coverage for their RV. However, the state farm’s different RV coverage options are the following:

  • Trip interruption
  • Roadside assistance on an emergency basis
  • For getting the discount, the RVers can combinedly take the RV insurance policy


State Farm Insurance Discounts

The State Farm Company offers the following discount and cost policy on their insurance products:

  • Good driving discount
  • Accident-free or more minor accident discounts
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Discounts for those students who are away from their home
  • Discount for the drivers who have approved education course, or the vehicle’s all operators are under 21 completed the course
  • Passive restraint discount
  • Good student discount
  • Vehicle safety discount
  • Anti-theft device owning discount
  • Multi-car discount
  • Loyalty discount for awning the RV policy

However, not all the above discounts at a time are available in all states. Therefore, this discount policy varies depending on the state.

Does State Farm RV Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Yes! The State Farm insurance company offers coverage for your RV or another vehicle against water damage. The states farm’s comprehensive RV insurance coverage protects against theft, vandalism, etc. If your RV gets damaged due to water, wind, fire, flood, or hail, you will get coverage for this damage.

Does State Farm for Full-time RVers offer Any RV Insurance?

For the full-time RVers, many insurance companies offer only recreational vehicle insurance. While you are shopping insurance policy and coverage from State Farm, you should clearly state whether you are a full-time RVers or not. If you mention yourself as a full-time RVer, the company will offer you a customized quote. However, the customized quote includes the following:

  • Personal liability
  • Emergency expenses
  • Medical payments
  • Personal effects coverage


State Farm Insurance’s Advantages

The State Farm RV insurance offers various advantages for RVers. As a customer, you may have curiosity regarding what benefits this company provides. This insurance company helps RVers to save money on their insurance premium in several ways. Also, the company offers several perks and advantages. In general, the company’s most common benefits are the following:

  • The RVers can check the insurance policy information using the mobile app. Then they can submit the claim if they have any. And then they will get roadsite assistance.
  • Most of the states in the US enjoy rideshare insurance benefits and coverage options.
  • If the driver’s age is under 25, the company has a clearly defined policy for them. The company’s “Drive Safe & Save Program” encourages RVers to be good drivers. Also, the RVers on their insurance premium can save money following this guide.
  • Online you can buy your RV insurance policy and get the quotes.


Bottom Line

Nation’s one of the largest and most popular insurers is State Farm. So, without any confusion or doubt, you can shop the state farm RV insurance policy for your RV. Sometimes, you may not get the best insurance deal for your specific need. But by consulting with the company’s agent and dedicated enthusiasts and RV owners, you can get the best deal.

It is evident from the state farm insurance reviews that this insurance farm offers much more exciting and beneficial coverage for the users. That is why it has thousands of positive reviews and recommendations. This company’s insurance product will undoubtedly make your life easier. Thus think less, and shop insurance products now from State Farm if you don’t have any insurance coverage for your RV.

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